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Emilee & Spencer | Salt Lake City Utah Temple Wedding Photography

So remember how amazing these two did at their engagement session and then again at their bridal session? And then remember how I do this crazy thing where I hold onto my very favorite sessions waiting for the perfect moment to unveil them…I don’t know why I do it, but I seriously need help! Because these two are amazing and I am as in love with these images from the morning of their wedding day as I was with all their other sessions. And do you remember how for all of their other sessions we had the worst weather! Well not on their wedding day. It was perfect. The flowers, the blue skys, the blossom trees…as I was walking around the temple grounds waiting for the bride and groom to make their grand entrance I was seriously in heaven looking at around at all the beautiful color everywhere. It could not have been more perfect. Except when we added these two into the mix. She is stunning, obviously. And so graceful, and peaceful, and such a sweet amazing person to be around. And one of the things I loved most about her, is she was so grateful and kind to every single person who came to the wedding. And genuinely so excited to see all the people who had come out to support them. And he is lots of things, but my favorite is that he is funny, funny, oh so funny! And I can not even wait to post the rest of their wedding images because they are seriously priceless! And I am even more excited to tell you about the amazingly cute, creative, and totally big surprise that he pulled on her. Best thing a groom has ever done! Good job Spence!

But until tomorrow…you can enjoy and swoon over the amazingly gorgeous couple. 

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