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Happy New Year | AK Studio & Design

Okay, I haven’t lost my mind. I know that it is March…I realize we are three months into the new year. But for me, as far as this business goes, the year is just beginning. You see I have spent the last weeks living and breathing this little lovely. Isn’t she gorgeous? I am so in love with her. She is so sweet and so perfect and pretty much I haven’t been able to take my eyes off of her.

But while my eyes have been glued to her…I have had lots of time to think about lots of different things. I’ve been thinking about my family, about life, about last year and how it was pretty much the most difficult year of my life, and yet brought me some of my biggest joys and blessings. I have been thinking about my wonderful business and all my amazing clients and what blessings they are to my life as well.  And how all of those pieces, those different aspects of me, are coming together for my future.

And I feel like I am on the verge of something new. Something wonderful. But something that is going to change everything…we are on the brink. To be honest, I don’t know that I know exactly how everything is going to change, but I feel like I am on the verge of an evolution of my life, my business, and everything I do.

I feel like my head is bursting with excitement and ideas about how to take everything to the next level. How I can be a better photographer, how I can be a better mommy and wife, and how I can create a life that is more closely in line with the life I dream of?

This year is full of so much possibility…

And I hope you will join me.

I think the best way to grow is to grow with others. To share ideas, thoughts, feelings…Its funny, I was recently criticized for being willing to share all my secrets to how I manage my life and business. How I seem to be able to “do it all.” Criticized for being willing to educate other mothers and photographers on the aspects of life that I have figured out. I was told I was helping the “competition.” But guess what I don’t care. I look at the other photographers out there I have worked with and who have attended my workshops and I see the way they have been able to better their businesses and ultimately better their families and their lives, and their joys and successes makes me blissfully happy.

So I am going to keep sharing. I am going to tell you my “secrets to success.” I am going to share things about my life that are probably more personal than I should share, but I truly believe they will help you grow the way that others amazing stories have helped me grow.

So stay tuned…just like everything in my life, I am sure it will be a wild ride!

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