Durfee Family | Albion Basin Family Photography Session

Some of us are lucky enough to cross paths with people that end up being key characters in our lives. The people we share trials, troubles and joys with. The kind of people that we designate the label of “family,” to. These people pictured here all belong in such a category.

Kiera is the most authentic person I’ve ever met. She has a gravitational pull because her light allows others to unapologetically shine. She is an amazing writer and editor, and has been published by noteworthy publications both online and in print. Hyrum is serves our country as an uniformed member of the United States Army. He is determined and the kind of friend that everyone needs in a crisis. Their three girls are inquisitive, brilliant and beautiful. The lovely trio tends to get lost in books nearly as often as they get lost in corn mazes and the great outdoors.

If you thought for a moment this was my own family session because a certain tall brunette shares a few physical (and more than a few character) traits with me, you certainly wouldn’t be the first. This gorgeous fox (now I feel like I’m gloating) is often mistaken for my sister and I don’t mind one bit. There’s nobody else I’d rather sing Hamilton and binge on soda with.

It was only fitting that I put some of my favorite people and my one of my favorite locations (Albion Basin) together to make memories I don’t intend to forget. World meet the Durfee Family!

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