Six Tiny Tips That Make A Big Difference When Planning Your Portrait Session

Six Tiny Tips That Make A Big Difference When Planning Your Portrait Session


    Start thinking about outfits and looking for ideas, poses, and locations that you like. The more we plan ahead, the less stress you will have about the session, and the more “real” and “perfect” they will be. Things are going to go wrong, there is going to be something whether it’s big or small that will happen. Maybe you forget the jewelry you wanted to wear, maybe your husband comes home late from work, maybe your toddler throws a huge fit right before, maybe you wake up that morning with a huge pimple. Don’t worry…we can work it all out. And most everything can be avoided by planning ahead. So let’s plan now so we can have fun at your session and create images that will take your breath away!


    The best moments are created when kids are being their silly selves. So, for the most part, let them just do what they want. I have dealt with just about every type of kid so I am really good at getting them to do what they are supposed to be doing and still give time to have fun. As a mother, I can’t even believe I say this, but try not to discipline your kids. If they need to run around, act wild, or even throw a temper tantrum that is all okay. The best thing to do is just stay calm and move on with the session. Sometimes kids just need a minute. But I have been it all before and if you let me interact with the kids I can usually turn things around and get the kids back on track.


    Get your hair done, do your makeup, and really get gorgeous! It is just as important for you to look gorgeous as it is for your kids to look great. This is a great time for you to look amazing!


    Make sure you have everything you are going to need including hair accessories, jewelry, shoes, socks, and anything else. I totally suggest packing everything the night before.


    You can also browse through the galleries on my website to find good ideas too or you can check out our Pinterest Boards HERE. Just remember whatever you choose to make sure that the clothing will make it easy for you to be yourself. Don’t dress your kids in stiff clothes that make them grumpy or ornery. If we are going to the woods, high heels might make it hard to get around. If you want to bend down and hug your family a short skirt might make that hard. If you want your husband to swing you around, choose outfits that fit with that type of movement. The more you and your family can be themselves, the better the session will go. Remember really, when it comes down to it. It’s not about the clothes, it’s about the moments!

  6. RELAX! RELAX! RELAX! And have FUN!!!

    This is absolutely mandatory in my book! Being a family and spending time with the ones you love is exciting and wonderful and sublime. Your family members are the people who make you happier than anything else in the world. So your session should show that off. So worry now, plan now, stress now, but have fun at your session!! Laugh, kiss, be silly, have fun, and let’s show off your family to the world!

    Loved all this info? Book a session with us and we’ll help you get you ready!

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