Ten Tiny Tips That Make A Big Difference When Planning Your Wedding

As wedding photographers, we get asked ALL the time for wedding advice! And we are happy to help. After all, we’ve done this day MANY times before. So we put together a guide for “Ten Tiny Tips That Make A Big Difference When Planning Your Wedding”. Trust me, you wont want to miss it!


    We have found that sometimes it is hard for brides to completely explain what they envision with their photography. An easy way to start that conversation and show us what you want is to create a Pinterest board. Even if it is only photography related with poses that you like, it still helps us a ton. You can even check out our Pinterest Inspiration Boards by clicking HERE.


    When you are planning out your floral budget, we highly recommend having two bouquets for the wedding day. Flowers die a lot quicker than you think they will and you want to have your bouquet be gorgeous and in bloom the whole day. Most florists will give you a discount on the second bouquet too and then your flowers stay beautiful all day.


    You are going to spend a good amount of time finding the perfect wedding shoes for your big day…but don’t forget about comfort. Chances are you are going to wear heels for most of the day, but it’s always a great idea to have a pair of comfortable shoes too for when you are ready to kick off the heels.


    Thank You’s can be the worst part of the wedding experience. You have planned for months for the wedding, you enjoyed your amazing day and every minute of it, you went on your honeymoon and now….you have to come home and write hundreds of thank you cards. Ugh. We can’t recommend enough getting a jump start on them before the wedding is over. Get them ordered and get them going, that way you just have to tie up the last few once you get home from your honeymoon and can just enjoy your new married life! If you need help with Thank You’s we offer a great selection of Thank You Postcards.


    Nothing can put a damper on your wedding day more than by choosing the wrong vendors. But how do you know who to choose? I would talk to your newly-married friends for sure and see who they loved. And we have a great vendor list as well! Just check your client portal and you can see who we recommend for every part of your wedding.


    The last thing you want on your wedding day is to get blindsided by someone you thought was a wedding planner that just isn’t. We wrote a blog post HERE that talks about all the differences and will help you know what you need to do and what they will do for you.


    Once you get engaged creating a wedding hashtag can be a great way to document your engagement and the wedding. Come up with something unique to you! Then you can also print a little book at the end of all the images used in the hashtag for a fun memory!


    If you are having a traditional ceremony, we can’t recommend enough going unplugged. And tell your guests! The last thing you want is photos of your beautiful ceremony with all your friends and family holding up their phones and Ipads. We are going to take hundreds of photos and they can have access to them all. And that way they can actually pay attention and enjoy this special moment with you!


    If you are planning on dancing, and want others to dance too, hire a DJ. Plain and simple. Your brothers iPhone and your Spotify playlist just won’t cut it and won’t create the mood you are really wanting. There are lots of talented DJ’s out there who are extremely affordable and will create the unforgettable party you are hoping for!

  10. ENJOY! 

    This is the most important time of your life thus far! Don’t get overwhelmed with details and stressed out over little things. Take the time to enjoy all of it and focus on what really matters. Your relationship with your fiance and the marriage that you two are about to start! So have fun and enjoy this time!

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