Emilee + Spencer + Emma | Newborn Photography

There’s something so amazing about seeing the people I’ve grown so close to build their amazing families. I feel like I waited so long for this little one. I can’t imagine how Emilee must have felt. From the moment I first met Emilee I could see that because of who she is and the love she has for Spencer that she was going to be an amazing mother.

I think of Emilee as the original #akbride. She and many others so similar to her make what I do so incredibly worth it. People like Emilee, more specifically women like Emilee, helped me refine the way in which I wanted to mold my business. I wanted to spend and document people who are genuine, loving, kind, and those who had a story to tell. Emilee is all these things.

Spencer and Emilee are going to prove to be the most incredible parents. I am so grateful I was given a front row seat in being as a spectator to their incredible love story. When building a family it is so important to have a strong foundation. Emma has come to two people who could not be more perfect to rear her throughout her life.

I’m so grateful I was able to capture sweet little Emma and her parents. She is absolutely perfect!

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What are some of the best lessons you are learning from your kids?

This girl right here is teaching me all about how easy it is to make friends in the world. She literally makes friends everywhere she goes. On one than more occasion she has sat down next to someone she’s never met before and said, “Hi! I’m Ivy. We’re going to be friends.” I pulled up to her preschool the other day and there were a handful of kids quietly standing by their parents, nervously waiting to go in. She bounced out of the car and ran over to them and they all ran up to her, “Ivy! Ivy! Ivy!” Within seconds they were all laughing and giggling and having fun.

The girls in this photo we’d never met. We just went for a family day at the beach and she gathered them all up from spots near us and they all started playing together.

I love that about her. She is literally friends with everyone. She loves everyone and she has a way of making everyone feel included and important. I hope she realizes what a gift that is and stays that way forever.

So what types of things do you see in your kids you want to emulate? By the way I could play this game all day. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have such great kids.

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Want to see five things that made my week better! Check out my insta stories!!! #fiveonfriday #sharegoodness @marisarosemph @oldnavy @lyndibenson @lineuponline
It’s so easy for social media and our time online to become a negative element of our lives. It affects our mood, our confidence, and can affect our self worth.

I have been teaching a ton this summer to groups all over the place about how we can be more wise in the time we spend on technology and I wanted to share one of my favorite things that I have been doing.

I started this awhile ago and it has helped me feel the goodness that can come from social media. I’m a big believer that we are in each other’s lives for a reason. There is a reason God connected us, even if the connection is social media.

He wants us to take care of each other. Love each other. Serve each other. There’s a reason you are reading this and I’m grateful you are here.

So I started doing what I’m going to call Scroll to Serve. What I do is each day I try to reach out to five people. Some days it’s my Instagram followers, some days it’s my Facebook friends, other days it’s just people in my phone contacts. But I just quickly scroll and I just let things land where they do. I truly believe God picks the people. Then I reach out to those five people. I leave a positive compliment on something they are doing in their life. I send them a message just to let them know I was thinking about them. Sometimes I just even tell them I love a photo they took. I just do whatever I feel is right to truly connect with them and let them know someone is thinking about them and someone sees them.

It has been surprising how many people respond. Especially when I message people. We live in a world of “alone together” and this little bit of contact is like a breath of fresh air to what can sometimes be a very lonely place.

So there you go #scrolltoserve. Maybe you want to join. I’d love you to. Imagine if just 1% of my followers joined in today and reached out to 5 people. That’s 62 people who could serve and love 310 people today. And if just 1% of us did it for the next week that is 2170 people that we could reach.

And maybe if you feel inspired to you could share this idea today on your account. Or tag a friend below. Imagine what we could all do together to just #sharegoodness.
John 14:27 is one of my favorite scriptures. Its the scripture I read at my moms memorial after she took her own life.

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

This scripture helped my heart heal and as I have been seeking to grow closer to Christ I have been spending more time with His word. I have had so many people share their favorite scriptures with me.

Will you share yours? Tell me why you love it!

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First off, I wished I could personally hug everyone who sent so much love for my post yesterday. Wow!!!
This quote has been one that I have been clinging to so much lately as we have been exploring new paths. God has a plan. God knows where we are going. I feel like one of my kids in the backseat of the car, “Where are we going? Are we there yet? How much longer?”
I look back on where we were a year ago and I can’t even believe it. Last year my team and I were drowning in brides and clients. This year it is much quieter. We have referred 90% of people out while we sit in this season of seeking.
There is a lot that I’m not certain of...”am I still a photographer?” seems to be the biggest question people are wondering. I keep telling most people “ask me in January”. That’s the best answer I’ve got. I’ve said yes to a few things that made my heart feel alive, but I’ve turned away a lot too because it didn’t feel right. So that’s all I have for you.
I know God knows where we are going and for the first time in a really long time it feels great to be slowing my pace and leaning into some uncertainty. I have felt more confident about the things I am saying yes to than I have in years. And I’m excited to share the few things on my plate in the coming days.
But for now I’m trying to be patient and trying to enjoy the scenery and this season of my life.
So tell me, how do you “let go and let God?”
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So. Here goes. This is scary. I’m full of nerves to put this out there.
For months now, I have had a prompting in my heart that I needed to do more to live my faith. To not just be strong in my heart, but to also be strong in my voice.
About two years ago, I had two experiences (one in my family and one in my church) that majorly put me out of step in who I was. It was like I could hear Gods voice, but He was down the hall in another room and the door was closed. He was there but His voice was muffled.
Finding my way through those trials has stretched me. It has stretched my relationships and stretched my faith. And more than anything it has pushed me to find answers for myself.
To seek a greater faith. To seek the ability to forgive and be forgiven. To seek to get out of my own way and let the atonement work in my life. To seek to learn to recognize where true joy comes from. To seek to better understand His word. To seek to serve others so I could be healed through them.
I have spent a lot of time doing all that “seeking” alone. Just me and my Savior...and maybe a few close friends, you know who you are 💛
But this summer I have been changed and my life has been changed and I have felt a strong impression that others are seeking things in their lives too. And maybe, just maybe, the best way to find the answers, healing, and growth we need is together.
So I’m taking the first step to doing that. I know without out a doubt I still have so far to go and that so many of you out there and your words and wisdom are the answers to my prayers. Maybe I might be able to help you too.
I’ve had a few people ask me what She That Seeks “is”. And I don’t have that answer yet. Maybe it will be nothing more than me trying to #sharegoodness and put my testimony out in the world. Maybe God has other plans. We shall see. I have spent a lot of time studying and searching and praying and pondering and I have a lot to share that I hope will uplift you in the same way it has me. So this is the first step...let’s see where God guides. #shethatseeks #faithfilled #lds
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✨Where can I go for peace?✨ Summer is my favorite time of year. So much energy, so much noise, so much laughter and chaos and joy. I love it all. I love having my kids home. But it can also be a really hard time of year when there are literally no breaks in the day. We have been running like crazy since summer started with baseball and the beach and a million other adventures. It’s been amazing and wonderful and I feel like my cup is overflowing with wonderful summer memories.
But there is also the bit of me that needs a break, needs some quiet, needs some space to think and get some things done.
Well today I did the best thing I’ve done for M Y S E L F all summer. I came to the study area of the library.
Air conditioning ✅
Quiet ✅
Good WiFi ✅
Stillness ✅
Great light ✅
Beautiful surroundings ✅
It’s exactly what I needed. I’ve been able to write, think, read, ponder, and most important just be alone and be still. I told my husband, I feel like I reset my soul in those few hours. So yeah...the library. Pass it on to all your “on-the-verge-of-losing-their-marbles” mom friends.
#library #peace #quiet #stillness #bestill #findpeace #momlife #lds #mormon
Red, white, and beach bum 🇺🇸✌🏻 #happyfourth #fourthofjuly #bearlake
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Ivy is obsessed with Meghan Markle. She loves her and always loves to see pictures of her. She is also obsessed with fascinators but that’s a whole other story. Well, when I saw @kezieloo at a recent wedding I had to get a photo with her. I showed it to Ivy and she flipped!
“You met Princess Meghan!!! Oh mom, I wished I could have been there. I sure like her shoes.”
So cute! Thanks @kezieloo for being willing to pretend to be a duchess for a minute 👧🏼❤️👸🏽 #meghanmarkle #duchessofsussex #princessmeghan
p.s. this is what a photographer looks like after a long, hot, exhausting wedding day 😬
According to @facebook, today’s my birthday. I’d like to say I’m one year older and wiser too but that totally depends on the minute. I remember when my mom was in her late thirties I thought she was so old. Most days I feel like I’m a kid who someone thought could raise kids 😂😂😂 but I’m so grateful for all that my life has become and all the wonderful people in it. My family is off today playing...yep, you guessed it baseball ⚾️ and I’m sitting in the Minneapolis airport working on my presentation for @pinnersconf! Can’t wait to head over and chat with all the ladies about how we can be more time and tech wise in our families! And thanks to everyone who has called, texted, sang to me, messaged and shared the love. I told my brother this morning one of my favorite things is when people just text “Happy Birthday” because your phone blows up with balloons 🎈🎈🎈🎈 love it! It’s going to be a great day #happybirthdaytome #pinnersconference #dealingwithdigitaldistractions #sevensummers
She believes in magic. She believes in fairies. She believes in happiness. She believes in joy. She is a bouncing ball of everything I love in this world. She is the light in any room. And today...we got to chase the fairies, cast spells that make others smile, and find her a unicorn. When I asked her what her favorite part of the Fairy Festival was she said “all of it”. I felt exactly the same way. @gardnervillage #fairyfestival #bethegood
When he sees this picture he will probably hate it. But when I see it, I love it because I see all the love and joy that she will feel for this picture someday. Look at her face. Look how happy she is to be with him. My kids are so lucky to have a dad who shows up and who is right in the middle of whatever they think is fun. Cannon balls at the pool, jumping off the high dive, water fights, tag, dunk contests, every sport imaginable, ball in the backyard and so much more. He is everything I hoped my kids would have in a dad. The hundreds of hours he spends at baseball practices (not to mention that he never misses a game), going to tutoring twice a week, reading princess stories and tucking in our sassy girl at least a dozen times a night. He always shows up. They are so lucky and I’m so grateful. Not to mention he’s great at dad jokes and always keeps us laughing. 😂💛 #happyfathersday #worldsgreatestdad @tysonkyhl
It’s crazy and chaotic and busy and stressful and some days are just enough to make me lose my mind. But some days, like today, I just sit and look at these people and I can’t even contain my gratitude for them and the fact that they are all mine. Its more than my heart can handle. 💛💛💛 #myfavorites #teamkyhl #familiescanbetogetherforever #family
On Sunday night, the youth of the #lds church were challenged to “disengage from social media” for seven days. This challenge was extended to all of us, not just the youth and I think could not have come at a better time.
I love what @work.and.wonder said on their Instagram profile. “Here’s our opportunity to righteously respond, willingly submit, and exercise self-restraint.”
There is good to be found on social media, but also so much good can come to our minds, our bodies and our spirits when we put down our phones and feeds and make an active effort to be present in our lives and give ourselves a break. I know for me I have three kids home soaking up each second of my time and attention. Yesterday we had an awesome day of water balloon fights and baseball games and never once did I wish to be on my phone. My biggest goal this summer is to be present in my life, and this challenge seems like the perfect kick in the pants to get me started.
I also want to challenge others to join me, and I think we all should do that. Let this be a group effort and let us support each other. So I challenge @tysonkyhl @biancamadsen_ @morganslade_ @saltldsretreat @amanda_anderson_beautiful_life and @tinafbrown 💛💛💛
One of the biggest blessings of her life (and mine) will always be him. She couldn’t have gotten more lucky to have him as a brother. I got sick in the night. Like can’t get out of bed, thought I was going to die sick and I just woke up to find that he had made her breakfast and totally taken care of her before he left for school so I could sleep for a bit. I don’t know what we did to deserve this boy but I am so incredibly grateful for him. #bestbrother
Only two more days and they are all mine for three months 🙌🏻😎☀️ #cantwait #bringonsummer #schoolsout #bucketlist