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Did you get a chance to check out Angela’s sisters bridals? You can see them right HERE. It was such a fun experience to work with both of them and have them share a wedding.

Angela and Steve were such a fun couple. They were so giddy and happy and just so incredibly in love! We had such a great time at their bride and groom session and it worked out just perfectly to have a country bride in a location surrounded by all these gorgeous horse. I love how the lighting and the colors turned out so well in this session. Such a dream!

And I have to give a big shout out to Julie Thomas who did both of the sisters hair and makeup. She is just amazing! I never see anything I don’t love from her!

These two…they were so fun. It was rainy and windy the day of their bridals, but you would never know by how full of joy and happiness they were. They just couldn’t stop smiling at each other. I love to see that. True bliss! And I love when that emotion comes through in the images!

And stay tuned because later today Emily’s sisters bridals are coming up too. I’ve never had two brides share a wedding before! It was such an experience! Luckily these two were great and made it such a fun time!

I forgot how much I loved these bridals. Its been so fun to look back on them. Not sure how they didn’t make the blog before, but I am so excited to be showing them off now. They just have that “fall is in the air” feel to them, so what better time to show them off. Amy is absolutely stunning and such a natural in front of the camera and we had such a fun time at her bridal session despite the fact that it was SO early in the morning. I can’t say enough how much I love that early morning light. Its just always perfect. There isn’t one detail I don’t completely love with these bridals and I hope you love them too!

I always love a good cowgirl. Not sure why…because I am about the furthest thing from one, but there is just something about them that I just love. All my brides who love that western feel are the most sweet, loving, thoughtful, and just easy to become friends with girls. And Tanya is no different. She is so amazingly wonderful. And I was so excited for her gorgeous bridal session. The weather was absolutely perfect (okay, well it was 100 degrees at the temple) but the sun was shining, we found some fall colors in the leaves, and every detail just turned out so beautifully. I am so excited to show these bridals off!

So I secretly love early morning bridal shoots. I know they are kind of a lot of work…but they always, always turn out so beautiful. There is just something about the early morning light that is just true perfection. And I am so excited with how Jadyn & Jake’s early morning bridals turned out. I am such a huge fan of her gorgeous red hair and everything about her look and even the locations just complimented the colors so well and made her hair just stand out. These two are so adorable and the whole morning was spent laughing and having fun. I love being able to just “hang out” with my clients and capture the moments as they unfold. The funny whispers, the way she looks at him, how he makes her laugh…it makes for images that I could never pose. And its so great to work with such amazing couples who truly are the real deal. Its couples like these two that are exact reason I keep doing this…