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Oh how I love this gal! She is truly amazing and such an inspiration. She and Skyler have been through so much and I am so happy for them that their big day has finally come and that they are loving every minute of this experience. Their engagement session was so fun. I just felt like I was hanging out with old friends. It was so easy to just talk to them and hang out. I mixed things up today and added in a few black and whites…so enjoy!

Oh my goodness…get ready to fall in love. This session was just exactly what I needed. To be honest, just like most photographers who agree, sometimes I get burnt out. Sometimes I wonder if I want to keep doing this and keep moving forward with this journey. And then a session like this happens, and a couple like these two reminds me why I love this job and gives me the will to move forward. Everything about Kalbie and Hadley’s engagements was absolutely perfect…the location was amazing, the light was gorgeous, and they were so incredibly fun. And even Kalbie’s little brother who came was one of the best assistants I have ever had. You would never tell, but there are a lot of photos where he is lying in the grass holding the horses reins. Talk about commitment! So hope you enjoy…and stay tuned their bridals are coming up in a couple days!

As much as Emily and David were meant to be…I think me and Emily were meant to be. I just LOVE this girl and we have so many of the same loves. We spent most of their engagement session talking about her upcoming trip to Disneyland Paris…yep, that’s right people there is a Disneyland in Paris! I was so excited for her. What an amazing trip!

But back to engagements…haha…aside from so many things to chat about, I just love these two. They both have this quiet elegance about them. They are so sweet and caring and thoughtful to each other. To get those really great moments I had to stand back, and just let them be together. Let them warm up and let their adorable relationship just come out naturally. And it was so fun to just hang out with them and wander around this gorgeous spot and let them show off their love. I am so excited with how everything turned out…I think that we really captured them.

And stay tuned for their bridals later today…I’ll have an update for you too about Disneyland Paris!

Okay! I am kicking myself right now. I can’t believe that this session never made it to the blog. It was one of my absolute favorites from last year so we are late getting it up…but better late than never right? Amy and Lonnie, and Amy’s adorable son Avery, are so simply amazing and I am so happy for the family that they have become. Its so fun to get to see them at other weddings throughout the year and be reminded of their gorgeous wedding. It was so amazing! Just wait until you see it…but for now, enjoy their engagements, and stay tuned because later today are Amy’s breathtaking bridals.

So its no secret, I really like to plan out my sessions. My brides and I spend a lot of time planning things out, finding perfect locations, the best outfits, and making sure every detail is just right. And then sometimes none of that works out…there isn’t much about this session that was part of our original plan. We had to change just about everything because of crummy weather. This summer there have been so many summer storms that have gotten in the way of sessions that it has been crazy. And that is exactly what happened…but when push comes to shove, and even when things go wrong, I think all that planning still plays off. Yes, we had to change the location. And yes, we had to reschedule. But in the long run the time we put in helped build a great relationship between and and Tanya so she completely trusted me to pull it off and so we could bring together a pretty wonderful session showing off these two despite all odds.

I love how laid back and natural this session just came together…despite Mother Nature and her efforts to ruin it.