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Samantha + Brandon | Jordan Pines Engagements

Jordan Pines Engagements

This year has been an interesting one for so many of my engagement sessions, but any time I end up at Jordan Pines, is a win in my book. We have spent so much time dealing with unpredictable weather. This typical Utah weather can sometimes throw a curve ball into executing our carefully curated session […]

Samantha + Ima (Pt 2) | Downtown Salt Lake Engagement

Meet Samantha and Ima. They are absolutely wonderful. Here’s a little of their story according to her… “Ima and I met in January 2015 at a FHE volleyball in Provo. Funny thing is that the ward we were at wasn’t even our own! It was my friends, and his cousins ward. He likes to tell people I […]

Mary & Chase (Pt. 2) | North Salt Lake Utah Engagement Photography

North Salt Lake Utah Engagement Photography

There are just no words to explain how much I love this session. I think I might shoot everything for always in this same spot. Its absolute perfection and these two are my favorites. It was like a dream. If there was ever a dream client, it would be these two. They were absolutely wonderful […]

Carmela + David | Thanksgiving Point Engagement Photography

Carmela + David | Thanksgiving Point Engagement Photography

My job. How often do I say how much I LOVE what I do? My job is to capture who you truly are and the love that you have for one another. For Carmela and David, it was so simple. They are who they are, and it shows strong in this session. I cherish every […]

Courtney + Trenten | Bountiful Engagement Photography

Courtney + Trenten | Bountiful Engagement Photography by AK Studio & Design

Courtney and Trenten are two of my favorite people. I have known Courtney for what feels like forever, and from the moment Courtney told me about Trenten and his love for Lagoon and Disneyland, I knew that we were pretty much meant to be best friends. Being part of their wedding has been absolutely wonderful! […]

Jeni + Gavin | Arizona Engagement Photography

This Sedona engagement session – oh my goodness, just prepare yourselves because Jeni and Gavin are basically the world’s cutest couple. We drove up to Sedona from Phoenix and while we drove, we talked. I learned all about them; how they’ve known each other since middle school. Jeni, being a typical young teenage girl, declared […]