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Rachael + Alex | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

Okay! Can I just say that I am so excited for this wedding. Alex and Rachael are absolutely wonderful and seriously so fun! Despite it being freezing and the snow being waist deep in most places we had such a fun time. Rachael is beautiful and kind and a natural in front of the camera. […]

LeeAnne & Bo | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

Bo and LeeAnne were both single parents of three children each (think the Brady Bunch style, only not just girls vs boys) when they met at a coffee house in Salt Lake City via a MeetUp group. LeeAnne ended up asking Bo out for drinks, which he then upgraded to drinks and dinner, and after […]

Chelsi + Craig | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

There is something that you should know about me. I love Disney. Disney movies. Disney characters. Disneyland. If it involves Disney, I probably love it. So when I found out about this amazing house that has been built as an exact replica of Carl & Ellie Fredrickson’s house from the Disney/Pixar movie UP, I knew […]

Gabi + Brady | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

Gabi and Brady met in February of 2014 at the Chinese Gourmet. Now, Gabi HATES Chinese food and she hates buffets, but for some reason – fate, destiny – she wanted to eat there that night and she dragged her roommates, Kirsten and Chanelle along. Chanelle and Brady are best friends from their Utah State […]

Emma + TJ | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

These two. They really are the cutest together.  And how did they meet, you might ask? While they were both serving their LDS missions! Ha!  But they really are perfect for each other. And cute in that way that you kind of start to hate to be around them, you know what I mean? (Not […]

Chelsi + Craig | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

Today is the first day of Spring. To celebrate, let’s enjoy this session that I loved SOOOOO much! I’m so glad that I follow other photographers on Instagram (are you following me? Because you should be.) and that I happened upon another photographer’s engagement session that they did in a greenhouse. It’s such a perfect […]

Shelbi + Cameron Engagements | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

Ok.  Let’s talk about how sweet Cameron is with Shelbi.  He could not tell her enough how wonderful she looked, and he could not stop holding her softly and planting cute kisses on her cheeks.  It was so precious!  I’m so glad that people like Shelbi and Cameron are able to find each other.  Everyone […]

McKell + Quinn Engagements | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

So I just have to say that I am starting to really believe in the power of Tinder. I have had a handful of amazing couples this year, who are undoubtedly perfect for each other, meet on the app! So for those of you out there looking for true love, you should probably give it […]

Leslie + Eric Engagements | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

Leslie and Eric are a unique story…one that will I am sure have you in tears, but also one that proves miracles happen in this world. Here is some of their story from Eric… My first wife Emily passed away in 2016. Right after Emily passed away, Leslie heard about the story and recognized Emily […]

Erica + Keifer Couples Shoot | Salt Lake City Utah Couples Photography

I seriously can not get enough.  Enough of these two, enough of the location, enough of their outfits, and enough of the photos we were able to capture.  Huge shout out to Amy for the gorgeous hair and makeup also!  I wanted this session to be serious but fun elegant.  I am so glad Erica […]