Meet The Team


It may have all started with me, but I believe things got truly amazing when we became a team. Most everyone would say I am the “mom boss” around here. I feel so blessed to be in this moment. And I look forward to hearing all about your love story, whatever chapter you may be on, whether its being a bride, a new mommy, or just celebrating life as love grows.

Owner / Photographer

Abbey's Work


I am the romantic one providing soft sunlight images both classic and romantic. Candid moments, laughing and sunlight are my specialty and are a must at every session! I love all things sentimental and knowing that I get to provide you with the most sentimental of items, a captured memory on the most important day of your life, means the absolute world to me.

Wedding Photographer

Kira's Work

Whitney H

With me you can expect outgoing professionalism with just enough quirkiness to keep it from being formal and stuffy. Lots of talking with my hands. Awkward pauses. Some semi-inappropriate jokes from behind the camera. All of which will lead to amazingly awesome photos of you  that you will LOVE. Get excited. It could almost be as good as a trip to Disneyland! Almost.

Wedding Photographer

Whitney's Work


Constantly seeking joy and the connections that make life beautiful. Easily distracted by pretty things. I love brides and wedding details, but really my favorite clients are under three feet tall! So after the wedding and as your love and family grow, I am here to make sure that your AK experience continues long after you become an AK bride. Because the best is yet to come.

Portrait Photographer

Bianca's Work

Whitney K

I make sure that all of the day-to-day operations happen in a way that keep our brides and clients happy! I’m the one who makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks and that things are done quickly. After all, we believe that fast is best! I make it so your photographer can focus on what they really love…working with you and creating amazing images on your big day!

Studio Manager

At AK Studio & Design, we have joined together to bring you years of experience shooting weddings all under one roof. Each member of our team has years of experience shooting weddings. You new get more than just one person watching out for you. You get access to Abbey and all of her client experience, constant communication with our team, and of course you will be getting oodles of personal attention from your chosen photographer. With a team set-up, you have multiple people making sure that your experience is amazing and that your wedding photography is just what you dream it will be. So nothing falls through the cracks because we are all committed to making your big day the perfect day.

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