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Shaunie + Mitch | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

There is one session every year that I get this feeling at, “Summer is finally here.” This was totally that

KyLeigh + Jeremiah | St George Utah Bridal Photography

Spring weather…I swear it usually has it out for me. Around here we have been having amazingly gorgeous days,

Sierra + Dewey | Southern Utah Engagement Photography

This session almost didn’t happen. The weather was awful, windy, wet, and cold…but the bride and groom had

Jordyn + Travis | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

Jordyn and Travis are just about as wonderful as they come. They are the kinds of clients that make me so grateful to

Kelcie | Salt Lake City Utah Bridal Photography

Oh my goodness this was such a fun bridal session! Kelcie is absolutely wonderful and her sisters and mom tagged along

Stephanie & Justin | Salt Lake City Bride & Groom Session

This was one of the most touching first looks I have ever shot. Everything about the grooms excitement and reaction was

Courtney & Austin | Salt Lake City Utah Temple Wedding Photography

This was a seriously fun wedding! Courtney and Austin are so hilarious and throughout the day kept pulling out moments

Kyleigh + Jeremiah | St George Utah Engagement Photography

These two are seriously so fun! We had such a good time roaming around St George and I am so excited for them and their

McKenzie + Trent | St George Utah Bridal Photography

If I could bottle up light and carry it around in my pocket, it would be the light from this session. It could not have

McCall + Cory | St George Utah Bridal Photography

So Cory didn’t want to do a first look…he didn’t want to look corny like so many of the first looks