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Waukeenyans! | Cedar City Utah Dance Photography

Can I just say…Wow! I am SO exited to be posting this session. It turned out so wonderful! The Waukeenyans are

Snow Princess | Cedar City Photography

Had to share a few more of the fun Southern Utah University Waukeenyan girls. They were so great to hang out and let me

Let’s go MOHEY!!! | Cedar City Utah Dance Photography

I am so excited to be posting this session. One of my favorite sessions of the year is always the Mohey shoot. Cedar

Neina & Jason | Kamas Utah Wedding Photography

I can’t even explain how excited I was for this wedding. Neina is simply wonderful. Gorgeous, fun, willing to do

New Year = New Resolutions

So just  like every other person in the world I have made some New Years Resolutions… I wonder what yours are?

Best of 2010

Wow! Its 2011! How can that be? This year has gone by way too fast, guess time flies when you are having fun, right? It