- Utah Wedding -

Cecilia + Kyle | Thanksgiving Point Couples Photography

Let me tell you about a recent styled shoot I did. But wait, what can you say about a styled shoot? They just aren’t like a normal session with all of the build up and “realness” of an actual bridal session. But let’s pretend it was. Because these two are just… BEYOND. And you totally […]

Valerie + Wesley | Salt Lake City Utah Wedding Photography

I had the amazing opportunity to be a big part of this wedding in multiple ways. Not only was I the photographer too, but I was a part of the wedding party as well. It was a pretty amazing day. For starters, I was able to attend their temple ceremony at the Columbia River Temple […]

Valerie + Wesley Bridals | Salt Lake City Utah Bridal Photography

I was a little nervous going into this session, main reason being, it was located in Washington. Yakima, Washington at that. I had never been there and was doing all sorts of looking for locations. Luckily, I was able to find the most beautiful place – an apple orchard! As we were driving, Valerie was […]

Stephanie + Branson Bridals | Salt Lake City Utah Bridal Photography

I could tell the air between these two was a bit different – especially in Branson. He wasn’t his normal joking self and he seemed a bit nervous. He wasn’t talking as much and he stood still as a stone as I got his beautiful bride, Stephanie all set up. Once I had them in […]

Jenna + Parker Couples Session | Salt Lake City Utah Couple Photography

From the moment they stepped out of the car, Parker & Jenna looked like a Prince and Princess. When we got more on the grounds, it was obvious that they fit right into the gorgeous scenery. I had just finished telling Jenna & Parker what a beautiful day it was and how glad I was […]

Emma & TJ | Salt Lake City Utah Wedding Photography

You’ll remember these two. Their wedding was perfect. Well, as perfect as you can get for a winter wedding at the Salt Lake Temple.  If their wouldn’t have been any wind and if it would have been – oh say 15º warmer – it definitely would have been perfect!  But I really like these two. A […]

Katherine + Bruce | Salt Lake City Utah Bridal Session

Katherine and Bruce are from Seattle. They found me online and after a couple of Skype calls, during which I did a lot of wild arm waving and talking about my weirdness, they decided that I was the photographer for them! Since they wouldn’t be around to take advantage of the engagement session that is […]

Alyssa + Preston Bridals | Salt Lake City Couples Session Photography

Planning this session with Alyssa was so much fun. Besides the fact that her amazing Mom made this dress, we got to throw in lots of fun details like her gorgeous hair piece and veil. And goodness that veil is beautiful, don’t you think? Preston was the energy of the session, that’s for sure! He […]