6 reasons to consider hiring an Associate Photography Team

By Abbey Kyhl The Blueprint Founder, Time Wise Teacher, Faith Encourager

I’m just here to take care of the people God has assigned to me. Blessed with what I need. Working hard for what I want.

Let’s talk about hiring an associate photography team and how it can help you!

Congrats on your engagement! We are so happy for you! As you embark on your wedding planning, you are going to be faced with a lot of decisions. In choosing your wedding photographer, you are making one of the most important wedding decisions about your wedding day.

After all is said and done, your photography is the only thing you will walk away with from your wedding…besides your love. So who you choose is extremely important.

We have no doubt the thought of a choosing an associate shooter can can cause feelings of nervousness, as it is a relatively new concept in our area. But we wanted to explain the process to you a little bit further and give you a handful of great reasons why an associate shooter is a great choice for your wedding!

Before we get into all the reasons choosing an associate photographer is a smart choice, we want to explain to you exactly what an associate shooter at our company truly is. Many times when you hear the word “associate” or even “second” shooter, instantly you probably think of an assistant, someone who is less experienced, and someone who doesn’t have the ability or experience to shoot a wedding as the primary shooter.

At Abbey Kyhl, that is the furthest thing from the truth. All of our associates have years of experience shooting weddings as the lead shooter. But for personal reasons, whether it is to focus on their family, they don’t love all the things that go into running a business, or they just wanted to be part of a team. Each of them have joined us and we are so excited to have them. Having amazing, experienced photographers who can help our brides is a blessing to us because we can now match any budget and be available for nearly every date.

Each year Abbey receives over 700 wedding inquiries, and the reality of life is that she just can’t physically shoot that many weddings and provide an amazing quality experience. By including experienced associate photographers to our team, we will now be able to welcome even more AK bride’s into our company’s family.

So now let’s get to the reasons why an associate shooter is a great fit for you!

#1 – More bang for your buck!

The reality of life is that many brides are on a wedding budget and only have a certain amount allocated for their wedding photography. Many times that budget determines the level of photographer you can hire.

In the traditional wedding photography market, less budget equals a less experienced photographer. Depending on your budget, you may be hiring a wedding photographer who only has a few weddings under their belt. But not with us. We have packages for nearly every wedding budget and you still get to take advantage of all the years and years of experience, planning, resources, organization and training that comes with an experienced photographer.

You get access to all of Abbey Kyhl’s session prep information, the AK bride experience, and everything that she provides to her own brides that have been the cornerstone of her business. You are also working with photographers who have been shooting for years and who are constantly going through training and mentoring with Abbey to become better and better all the time.

#2 – You aren’t hiring one person, you are hiring a team!

With AK Studio & Design, you get more than just one person watching out for you. You get access to Abbey and all of her client experience, constant communication with our Team Manager, and of course you will be getting oodles of personal attention from your associate photographer.

With a team set-up, you have multiple people making sure that your experience is amazing and that your wedding photography is just what you dream it will be. So nothing falls through the cracks because we are all committed to making your big day the perfect day.

#3 – There is always a back-up in place 

We hear horror stories all the time of photographers backing out, getting sick, showing up late, and many other things that no bride should have to ever have to worry or stress about. With Abbey Kyhl & Associates there is always a back up in place in case something happens.

We are a team, with a family mentality, who are here to support each other which means supporting you as well and making sure that your wedding is stress free and just what you envision it will be.

Whether we show up to hold an umbrella on a rainy wedding day, help lead a big crowd, or whatever the situation calls for, you can count on our team to take amazing care of you on your big day and step in when the need arises.

#4 – Experience! Experience! Experience!

When you hire an associate photographer with our team, you are gaining access to years and years of experience. From the over 200 weddings that Abbey herself has shot, to the years of experience that our associates have shot, there isn’t a single thing that we haven’t seen, experienced or been through.

Every wedding day fiasco, every complicated family situation, every unique and special situation, we have seen it all. So instead of hiring a photographer who is “just figuring things out” you are able to have access to professionals who have been through a lot.

We are constantly in contact with each other, sharing ideas and experiences, so with any situation that might come up we can handle it and have probably been through it before and can make sure that we use that experience to make your day stress free and all those unique situations handled just perfectly.

#5 – We have a proven system in place!

Each bride that works with our company gets access to the entire AK bride experience. From session prep, vendor suggestions, timeline help, oodles of other information and anything else you need we don’t hold anything back and no matter who you are you are important to us. We are grateful that of all the choices out there that you have chosen us and we want you to have the best of everything we have to offer.

Abbey has always prided herself for her organization, client experience, turnaround, and ability to connect with her brides and our associates and entire team are committed to providing you with all of those same ideals.

#6 – The office focuses on all the things photographers loathe, so they can focus on what they love…YOU!

The reality of life is that many photographers dread the business side of things. They got into photography because they love interacting with clients, love being a part of your big day, love capturing the moments and emotion of your wedding, and love the photography element. Though our associates have all had experience in running their own businesses and done an amazing job at it, if they had to choose business over shooting, they would leap at the chance to just create stunning images. Which is where our team jumps in.

Our office takes care of all the editing and business aspects that make for a smooth and amazing experience, so your photographer can put their whole heart into being with you behind the camera. They are able to focus on the things that they love and we are able to take care of all the behind the scenes aspects that need to be top-notch as well that we love doing. Our Team Manager is amazing at keeping things organized, on schedule, and making sure you have everything you need. Abbey handles all of the client experience and business elements of things that she loves. So you gain an amazing photography experience, without having to sacrifice on the business end with a photographer who either doesn’t have the experience yet in that aspect or whose heart just isn’t in it.

We hope that you are as excited to work with us and we are to work with you. Contact us! Please let us know what questions you have. We are here to help. Talk to you soon!

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