Alexis + Tyler | Wedding Day

Alexis & Tyler. Our winners of the giveaway we did back in January (free wedding photography, obviously). I love them. I loved working with them and getting to know them. I loved photographing them and laughing with them (and at Tyler). I’m sad that their wedding day came and is now over.

The chose the Oquirrh Mountain Temple for their marriage to take place. And I fist pumped the air that morning that my “commute” to work would take only 6 minutes. It was hot and bright when they exited the temple, but you wouldn’t have known from the joy and energy they brought to their family and friends. It was a party, and would continue to be a party for the rest of the day, until the last sparkler burned out.

The reception consisted of hugs and squeals with old friends, crazy props in the Photo Booth bus, and an emotional and epic first dance. Waffles, cake and smiles. Tears, hair whipping and a bouquet caught for the 14th time in a row by a bridesmaid.

Alex and Tyler, I’m going to miss working with you. You two are going to be so very happy together. And I’m so glad you bribed all of your friends to vote for you.

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