Alise + Brett | Provo Utah Wedding Photography

I was so excited for this wedding day. To be able to photograph three sisters, especially when they come from the most amazing family, is hands down one of the best parts of my job. I don’t just get to spend the day with a bride and groom that I love, I get to spend the day with a whole family that I have come to love. And Alise’s family is by far one of my favorites. Is it strange to say I would love to be adopted by them! They are just some of my favorites.

The wedding day was absolutely beautiful and it was so fun to shoot a wedding at the newly opened Provo City Center Temple. It was stunning and everything turned out just beautifully. And Mother Nature was definitely on our side, because it was sunny and gorgeous. Just until the reception started and then it was a total monsoon downpour! So luckily we were inside. I loved this new venue and how open and beautiful the natural light was. It was a beautiful day with amazing people.




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