Amber + Kyle Engagements | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

These two are so naturally cuddly and loving towards each other, I hardly had to do a thing!  I wasn’t even the one who made them laugh in the majority of the photos.  It was all them.  I completely believe Amber now when she claims that they are a fun couple!  I couldn’t stop laughing either.  They did their thing, and I just got to hang out with them.  How wonderful is that?  We may have been racing the rain the whole evening, but how insanely vibrant are the colors because of it?  Very.  Amber met Kyle because their brothers lived together and played basketball together.  They met at a game, and Amber claims that Kyle did not give her the time of day.  She, however, was determined and called him up herself to ask him out on a date.  They have been together ever since.


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