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Today I looked in my rear view mirror and saw my not so baby boy sleeping. I am hesitant to admit that I have an irrational fear of my kids growing up and me not taking advantage of each precious moment both great and ordinary. I am scared of regret. I am fearful of forgetting. As I grow older and find myself in conversations with other mothers I’ve realized that these feelings of escaping time are hard for so many of us to grasp.

I had a very wise friend calm my worries once and I have found that I often recall her words when the anxiety of fleeting minutes is at its height. She so gracefully explained, ” cherish every stage because the next one is as important as this one.” I have tried ever so valiantly to remember and draw strength from these wise words- to embrace each stage.

This was such a special session for me, because this is such a special family to me. Amanda is my oldest friend…by bff sister. We have been through so much including marriage about the same time, kids about the same time. I love all of them like they are my own, because in so many ways these are my people. Amanda has wanted to add a last little baby to her family for such a long time and didn’t think that it would happen. So little lady Josie is not only a blessing, but an answer to prayers. It was so wonderful to be the one who has capture not only their newest family photo, but all the ones before.

How perfect is it that these two darling sisters get to share such monumental moments of their lives together? Each is in a different yet absolutely important and celebratory stage of life intertwined with sacred tradition. Surrounded by friends and family- little miss Josie will celebrate her arrival to this world with a special blessing spoken directly to her by her father.  Laynie celebrates her baptism, making her an official member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints– a very important and symbolic step in her journey to following Christ’s path. They do this in the presence of their older sister, little brother, and loving parents.

I absolutely adore these girls and and their sweet family. I’m so grateful to get to witness and document the very important stages in their lives. Today I am grateful for rear view mirror, driver’s seats, and windshields. This session is another reminder to me to cherish what I remember, what I am living, and what I hope the future will be.

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