Anderson Family | Utah Family Photography

If it were kosher to adopt yourself into three families… I think I’d opt into the Cook Family (Becca’s Family). I just love all of them, especially this little branch- the Anderson Family. From My Little Pony masks, to enthusiastic chants about superheroes, this evening with the some of the world’s cutest kids was just the fun I needed.

I love watching parents interact with their children. If I can confess I even find comfort in the frustration (because….I’M A MOM). Becca and Ben might be the most patient parents on earth. They roll with all the punches in the form of acting invisible and playing dead when shot with pretend lasers, play tag in formal wear, and show their kids that they love them through literal action.  I am always so impressed with the love they show to each other and to their sweet children.  This part of my job is one that I will forever be grateful for.

There are one million places to look to find the world crumbling, humanity failing, and legitimate reasons to fear walking out of our doors. BUT- there are also two million places to look and see good winning, people helping, and overwhelming evidence and reason to hope. Seeing families genuinely love each other always helps me hold fast to the latter perspective.

I believe in families. I wholeheartedly know that the families are the backbone of a healthy society. If we can fortify and love our families, we doe those same things to the world at large. I love that I get to share small glimpses of that hope through imagery. I can’t thank all my clients enough for letting me share a few sentences of their stories.

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