Bianca Madsen

My greatest blessings in life are my husband Ben and our three rather loud children. Traveling with my family, sharing my love of the ocean with them every chance I get, and making crepes on Saturday mornings are things that make my world go ’round. I understand more fully who I am because of my family and they are my main source of inspiration. My life is really just a beautiful kind of chaos and I’m so thankful for every thrilling moment that has brought me to the fullness of life I enjoy every day!

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They say it better than we ever could..

I really enjoyed our session because Bianca made it so easy and fun. I enjoyed seeing my girls dancing and playing around and having those moments captured. I think their individual personalities were captured so well in our pictures. It will be fun to look back at them and remember what they were like at that age. It was fun to just be us and capture it for keeps. Bianca did a great job at keeping our girls attention until the session was over. She let them be themselves and chased them around to get great candid moments. I loved how our pictures turned out! It is so easy working with AK Studio & Design! They are quick to respond to and set things up for a photo session. They keep you informed and are very clear about what the next step is. If you have any questions they are quick to answer. They make you feel at ease and so comfortable during a session. I loved working with them!
Bianca did an AMAZING job. She took so many fun candids! Our daughter LOVES being chased and the photos she took of us running around made me cry, I love them so much. She captured Emma’s personality perfectly, in the fun pictures, the goofy ones, and the serious ones. Bianca froze my favorite moments in time, and I can’t thank her enough for her talent and her beautiful heart! Our two year old was so hyper, running around, and wouldn’t sit still for more that 10 seconds. Bianca still managed to capture the most beautiful photos of our family... I love them more than I can express! I cried when looking through them for the first time, these moments are such a treasure.
I loved everything about our session! The studio was beyond beautiful and Bianca did such an amazing job making us feel comfortable. It's definitely complicated working with two littles, but Bianca was amazing. I loved how she was able to capture all of the emotion that surrounds having a new baby. Our pictures tell the story of how we all feel about William instead of simply pictures of poses. I love the pictures where Collin is distracting Elaina because photoshoots are hard work as a two-year-old and Collin is so sweet with her. I love that I have a picture of that forever. And there is something about snuggling a newborn that just makes your heart happy, so I love the pictures of me and William as well. I just loved everything about this session and I couldn't be happier with the results! AK Studio & Design are the only photographers I trust with pictures of my family! With other photographers, I get pictures back, but here, I get memories. They have a way of capturing the emotion and relationships of the subjects. When I look at the pictures, I think about all the things I wanted to remember about special moments in my life and I really feel what I felt then! They are so amazing to work with and so helpful. I love everything about working with AK Studio!
We absolutely loved our session with Bianca. She is so easy to be around and makes it a breeze to enjoy having your photo taken. The studio was beautiful and full of natural light. And Bianca knew exactly how to capture that light perfectly in every picture. She knew exactly how to bring out our 8-month-old daughter’s personality. Which is hard to do lately as she is wary of strangers. But Bianca is a natural and put Piper at ease right away. We loved so many of the pictures that Bianca took of our family that we ended buying all of them. Bianca will forever more take our family pictures. I am already excited for next years session!
For a bride, weddings are mostly just trusting that everything will go as planned and that people will come through for you. The entire experience can obviously be a bit stressful and taxing. However, Abbey Kyhl and Bianca Madsen made my wedding experiences dreamlike. My decision to chose AK Studio & Design was easy because both of my brother’s used Abbey for their weddings. I knew she was great but I had no idea how wonderful she would be through all the wedding planning. Even before our engagement photos Abbey and I were texting back and forth about reception venues, florists, and cakes. She knows the Utah wedding space inside and out and every suggestion she gave me was perfect. Our engagement shoot was flawless and Abbey made us feel relaxed and comfortable enough to be ourselves in front of the camera. Our bridal shoot was even more perfect because Abbey and Bianca worked together to capture every detail. I’ve never seen a more dynamic duo than Abbey and Bianca – their energies feed off of one another and make the perfect environment for a photo-shoot. They are both incredibly talented and I felt lucky to have both of them at my bridal shoot and my reception. I never had to worry about either Bianca or Abbey missing an important moment because they were always there and always consulting me on what I wanted captured. The pictures they took and edited for me will forever be my favorite memories of my wedding!
Our first family pictures couldn't be more perfect! I'm even surprised how obsessed my husband is with them!
Thanks for  taking such lovely pictures of our family and making it so painless. My girls ADORE you and so do I!
I love working with Bianca. She is super flexible and willing to go with the flow of our family rather than forcing poses and locations. Because of that, we have been able to see our family’s personality reflected in all her photos.
Thank you SO much for taking our family pictures. We could not be more in love with them!!! Every one of them is such a treasure!
I had a great experience working with Bianca. She was so flexible and understanding when we had to change the date last minute AND the location. She went above and beyond to accommodate us. She communicated with us every step of the way and we got our photos back so quickly! It was really a flawless transaction from A-Z.
I wouldn't hesitate to hire Bianca or any of the other photographers at AK Studio & Design in the future. Bianca was really relaxed but very professional. She definitely put us at ease! It's so important to hire a photographer who wants you to be you. Bianca definitely shares that mindset and  it shows in our photographs.
I loved how Bianca was so prepared and everything felt so natural. She was so kind to let us take breaks to feed my baby and didn't make us feel rushed or stressed. I also just love how peaceful the entire session was and felt like we could just be ourselves and snuggle our little girl! We both kept talking about it the entire day how glad we were that we chose her and how amazing Bianca was. My favorite part was how you guys take so much time to get to know us before the session and through the questionnaire. Since we filled out the questionnaire, she already knew what we wanted so then it was easy to get started right away. I never felt like we left wanting more pictures or bummed we didn't get everything we wanted out of the photo shoot. It was just such a good experience!
Our photos truly capture EXACTLY how our family is at home. When I flip through the photos I feel like it was just a normal day dealing with toddler sass, baby snuggles, and family love all put into one. She truly captured everything that I would have hoped for and more! The fact that Bianca referred to some of my questionnaire answers at our photo shoot made me feel like she truly took the time to get to know us. It wasn't like we "just met". It was like we had known each other for a lifetime. She was AMAZING!
What a wonderful and fun experience we had with Bianca! She was the perfect blend of professional (managing 32 people is NO JOKE) and laid back. She was very thorough in making sure we got all the poses and pictures we wanted. Dealing with large family groups is difficult and we have had photographers turn us down in the past, so it was nice to have someone so accommodating and positive. We are loyal fans of Bianca!
Bianca did an awesome job capturing the personalities of each of my kids. Olivia was going so crazy in a new environment that I didn't think we would have any turn out, but there are so many great pictures to choose from! We are so thankful for Bianca, her creativity, her ability to answer Ian's thousands of questions while taking pictures, and her patience! Even though this was a mini session, I never felt rushed at all at any part of the stage. Bianca was so thoughtful and patient with all of us and I appreciated that so much. She helped to ease all of my anxiety about the pictures not turning out, my kids maybe not smiling, being too wild, etc.
Bianca was great as a photographer who listened and paid attention to what I was looking for in our photo shoot. She was so cute with our children and made it natural and easy to smile and interact one with another. Bianca was highly focused on what we wanted as clients and not trying to push her own agenda. It was all about us as the client.