Morgan Slade

I chase authenticity just as passionately as I chase light.I am fluent in tantrums, a champion of bathroom emergencies and I’ve got Daniel Tiger songs for just about every major life scenario. I promise to never put you in a box and to capture your family in such a way that shows the world your truth. Let’s write your story together.

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They say it better than we ever could..

I have gone with local photographers to take family photos, since there was a family to take photos of. But there was always something missing from those photos, and thats when I stumbled upon Morgan’s photography. It was so genuine, I could feel the love emanating from images, I felt like I knew these people being photographed because how real, raw and beautifully captured they were. All of a sudden I knew Morgan was going to be the one to capture my family, my daughters grumpiness and dislike for the camera but her love for her dad. My sons vogue style poses and silly demeanor. And the love that I had for my littles and the love I had for our family. It could all be captured, and felt. Something as important as my children personalities that will fade and grow all at the same time, but in these photos I can look back and know exactly what we felt right then and there. I will return to Morgan over and over.
Our family has worked with Morgan a few times now and I love that I can be confident in the photos we will get back simply because she brings out the best in everyone there. She’s personable and funny and down to earth, which allows her clients to feel comfortable to be themselves. There’s something about her more candid style that brings out the love and reminds you why you’re wild about your family in the first place, and that love is so perfectly captured in her beautiful photos. Not only do you walk away with a stunning product, but you also have the memory of a special experience with the people you love. I always leave a shoot with Morgan with so much happiness in my heart and excitement to work with her again.
Using Morgan for our photos was (and is) THE best decision for capturing memories of our family. Morgan’s talent for capturing the right shot is incredible-- she’s got that knack and that feeling to make it just right. She constantly makes us feel like we are the most beautiful family in the world--shot after shot. She is so child-friendly and so full of fantastic ideas. Morgan is who I turn to time and time again as my children grown. Her photography is what I hang on my wall to remember each state of our beautifully documented life.
The hardest part of this entire session was finding a date that worked for all 28 of our crazy and fun family. After that, AK Studio worked their magic. They communicated every need and professional tip up until picture day. Morgan was amazing to work with and felt like family as she worked through individual pics, couple pics, family pics and a big group photo. We laughed. We joked. We teased. And she kept her camera ready. She felt like family as we walked away, and then we saw her vision and magic when the photos were ready. How do you thank someone that captured life and light and family!? We’re grateful, and we will be back!
I love how easy it is to get comfortable with Morgan. She is sweet and funny. She works very good with the kids and I love her personality you can't help but laugh and have a smile on your face the whole session cause of her fun outgoing personality.
Morgan is the best! She is not only amazingly talented, she is one of the most incredible people I have ever met.  She is fun, kind, thoughtful, talented, and patient. She has taken our family pictures three times and they have come out beautiful and every time.  I have a young and unique family.  Two boys, ages five and four and a little girl, age 2.  My two boys are also on the Autism Spectrum.  They have a hard time making eye contact with the camera. These unique and special little beings make taking pictures an extra fun challenge for all involved and while it is stressful, I absolutely love the chaos of it.  Thankfully, Morgan knows just how to match their energy and chaos with her excitement, playfulness, patience, and understanding.  Her ability to do this allows their fun and energetic personalities to be captured in every shot.  I have treasured pictures of my kids in a playful choke hold with each other, dancing, rolling down hills, being tossed in a blanket, and playing superheroes. 
Morgan was very flexible and kind to work with my crazy schedule. She switched my session for me and I couldn't thank her enough. This team is very professional and I felt like I could trust them and that my pictures would be worth the money spent. I would like other clients to know that the mini sessions are a steal and just right for annual pictures. When picking my proofs, they looked beautiful before even being edited. I've been wanting to try a mini session for a year and I am so glad I jumped on this season, so excited to get my edited pictures back!
I loved how easy you guys are to work with.  All email communication was very prompt and informative. When I had questions or concerns, they were immediately addressed. Everyone I interacted with was very kind and professional. I even had to reschedule because of a death in the family and Morgan could not have been more gracious and kind. Overall, it's been a fantastic experience!
Everyone I talked with or emailed was very polite, friendly and professional. I really appreciated the survey I filled out about our family so you may get to know us before the session. Everything went very smoothly. Transactions were done in a timely manner.  Our photographer, Morgan, was very friendly, talented, creative and her pictures were very unique. Editing was very prompt. You won’t regret working with AK Studio & Design!
We love our photographer!! Through many years of me torturing my family with pictures, Morgan has made the experience fun and happy.  They know she will be efficient and timely.  I love the way the photos reflect our families true silliness.  The environment is relaxed and allows for us to just be happy. They get a natural smile and honestly it's an enjoyable hour.  I love the results.  We keep coming back year after year.
Morgan has taken our family pictures the past two years and not only are the photos spectacular, they also do any awesome job at wrangling kids and taking great candid shots which are my favorite. She is accommodating, fun and kind!
The fact that we arrived at our destination 15 minutes early and Morgan was already there was telling. It felt that she was just as excited about taking our pictures as we were! We had a tight schedule and that was perfect for us.  After the initial greetings we took off down the path (at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, UT), and Morgan noticed that there happened to be a LOT of construction going on there. Quite a few of her favorite places had been closed off. That did not stop her though, she just kept walking until she reached a spot that was available and got to work! Morgan engaged my children and was able to showcase their personalities very well. She even got my stubborn 3 year old to dance and smile when neither myself nor my husband could. She was so patient when I felt like I might lose my cool, which in turn kept me patient. I am very pleased with the end results, especially seeing the beautiful way my children were portrayed. I will definitely have Morgan as our photographer again in the future.
Our session was really great! Morgan captured each one of our family members at their best. She knows just how to get real genuine smiles and moments that tell a story of who we really are as a family and as individuals. I appreciated her knowledge and experience as you can see as the result of our photography session.  The lighting, location and moments were perfect. She truly embraced the personalities of each of our children and even had a way of getting my husband and I to truly enjoy the moment. I absolutely love our pictures! My favorite moments captured were of my husband and I in a true moment of joy showing our admiration for each other.  Also, my children doing the things they love.  I appreciate that Morgan embraced our personalities and didn’t try making us do poses or things that weren’t like us. She was very observant in discovering the natural tendencies of each of us. Thank you so much for a great session and especially capturing our joy!