Bae + Nate Engagements | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

When Bae called me and told me she was engaged I was so excited! She is one of the most wonderful and lovely girls that I have ever met and I was so happy to hear that she had found the one! I loved hearing more about their story and just had to share it with you…

We actually met through the dating app, Tinder. Some people think that’s cheesy and cliche, and trust me- I didn’t think that I’d find my husband on an app that you meet potential dates based primarily on if you mutually think the other is attractive, but you can’t help where you meet someone. So yep, we’re one of those couples, ha! But I actually really love it because I don’t think that we would have ever met otherwise. (Tinder for the win!) I had never had a Tinder account of my own before, although I did have experience playing on friends’ accounts with them. Strangely enough, my inspiration for creating my own account came from a testimony meeting in church. One Sunday a young man bore testimony about counsel that his older brother had given him about taking action in pursuing righteous desires. His exact quote from his brother was, “God can’t steer a parked car.” I realized that when it came to dating, I was being a parked car. I was still getting over another guy, and felt like I just wanted to quit dating all together. I decided that even though my heart wasn’t too into the dating scene that I would at least put myself out there a little more because, after all, dating other people would be the best way to get over someone else. If anything, it could give me a confidence boost! So I created an account but I actually didn’t activate it until the next week because I was so nervous. Within a few minutes of activating my account though, I had a match! It was Nate! He was my first tinder match, and he “super liked” me (that’s a real option on the app, I’m not just saying that), so you could say things were pretty serious from the beginning. 😉 I almost said no to “liking” him back because the match happened so soon and it freaked me out, but thankfully (I have nightmares about if I had actually said no) I “swiped right” and we went on our first date a week later (That I also almost cancelled because I was freaked out but my roommate talked me into keeping the date “just for fun” and to “gain a good experience”. Bless her for encouraging me!). We basically have been “inseparable” ever since that first date. I say “inseparable” in quotes because for most of this last summer, I was on the road working for the BYU program, Especially For Youth, traveling all over the country to run their week long church camps. Out of the 11 weeks between our first date and when we said “I love you” and decided to get married, I was gone for 9 of them. Even though we couldn’t be inseparable physically, we were emotionally inseparable as we talked every day, throughout the entire day. I feel like the separation actually helped move our relationship along as fast as it did because we had to do the long distance thing. Really spending time to talk and get to know each other helped us grow closer, faster.”

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