Ballow Family | Utah Mountain Family Photographer

I would never be able to say enough about the Ballow Family. We celebrated the amazing people they are in the thick of the forest running along dirt paths. Much like Art Dye Park, this space makes my heart so content. I feel like this session is the perfect caption of what I strive to achieve for my clients during each session. That little song I dance to is  all about the families. The real life messy and imperfectly perfect ones. You won’t find elaborate venues, curated details, or incredibly decadent decor in the beauty of where we spend most of our time. Those things, though lovely, don’t live in my very favorite moments. In fact most memorable are the beautiful in-betweens, the anti-‘say cheese,’ grins, and moments that don’t necessarily need captions (though-I humor myself in that arena quite often). Here’s a very loving story that doesn’t need words. I hope you enjoy.

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