Bronte + Mark | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

We just love hearing how couples meet…and Bronte and Mark both told a great side of the story…

Bronte’s version: I met Mark through a mutual friend when a bunch of us went hot tubbing one night this Spring. I recognized his face from a Tinder match earlier in the year and realized we had more than just one mutual friend. I had heard about him before and how he was a ‘big shot’ but I found out soon that he wasn’t at all. I was surprised that he was so nice and funny. We watched a movie that night and I was frustrated that I didn’t get to sit by him. Then he got my brother’s number at the end of the night instead of mine. The next day he liked one picture of mine on instagram every hour and I finally just asked my brother to tell him to ask me out. He texted me shortly after that and we talked non-stop until our first date to an LDS devotional then to his house to eat tacos and watch the Bachelor with his parents. I don’t remember what the devotional was about but I remember thinking “If he can sit through a whole devotional with me, we can make this work.” We made it official two days later and after that practically spent every waking moment together. From kissing on I-15 to road-tripping to St.George, from BYU baseball games to hanging out with family we have been falling in love ever since. It wasn’t long before we decided we want to be together forever. Mark proposed to me at Daybreak Lake in May. I didn’t see it coming at all, it was perfect! He had the ring in a baseball, my favorite candy on a little table with flowers and our song playing in the background. He was happy to have an excuse to kiss me in front of the whole family who had come to watch it all, but I was just happy to have them there with us to celebrate. We decided to be married on the day in between both of our parents’ anniversaries, on August 27.

Mark’s version of the story: I wasn’t really too excited about going hot tubbing that night and even tried to convince my buddy that we shouldn’t go. But when I got there I saw Bronte and the first thing I noticed was her brown eyes, the second was her sass. I was happy to find out the guy I thought she was dating was her brother. I don’t remember what movie we watched but I remember I was mad that I didn’t get to sit by her. I made sure she knew I was interested and decided to get her instagram info because I didn’t want to come on too strong by asking for her number. She had made a comment that night about how that would probably be the only time we ever hung out. I knew I couldn’t let that be the case. I decided to like some of her instagram photos and she liked a TON of mine back! I got her to go out with me after I got her number from her brother and we went to a devotional. We made fun of all the other cuddly couples there and literally laughed through the whole thing. When we went to my house afterwards I didn’t know if she would like to cuddle with me in front of my parents, but we did regardless. The next night we went to a movie night at her house and I was confused because she didn’t even sit by me. But she cleared that up really quick when she kissed me the next night and asked “Are we gonna date or not?” I said yes, and left to Florida a few days later. We talked on the phone every night I was gone and it was fast, but it was there that I realized I love her. About two months later I got her brother to help me get a time to talk with her dad when she wouldn’t know about it. I wasn’t nervous because we spent so much time with her family. He told me I could marry his daughter and that he already loved me like a son. That meant the world to me. I got the ring on a Friday the week before we went to Costa Rica with her family, where I had originally planned to propose to her. But I couldn’t wait. I had my family help me put a proposal together within a matter of 12 hours and she said yes! I was just so happy to finally have a ring on her finger. It means a lot to both of us that we are getting married in between our parents’ anniversaries and I can’t wait to have her be mine forever.

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