Brooke + Boston | Utah Engagement Photography

Brooke and Boston were such a sweet couple to work with. You can totally tell the deep love they have for each other. They have the cutest engagement story as well!

The Engagement

“We met at the singles ward. We met each other in October and started dating around the 31st haha a lot of people say we went fast but we’ve come to live by a new motto “when you know you know” He came down to St George and surprised me at the front door with roses and later that night he proposed by giving me scriptures with his last name on them and then he got down on one knee in front of my family and asked to marry him ♡”

About the Session

We almost rescheduled this session due to the CRAZY winds we had oh my gosh. Those winds though. We were originally supposed to go to antelope island but apparently they were having major wind storms up we went south hoping to run away from the wind. We tousled with it most of the session but at the end there – wow. It just about knocked us over! We took advantage of the Lake looking like an ocean and climbed down to the rocks. Just look at those amazing crashing waves! Poor Boston was a soaked by the end – sorry Boston! (it was worth it though right?) I can’t wait until our next adventure together!

Makeup: Marisa Rose / Lashes: Raven Lash Studio

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