Brooke + Boston | Provo City Center Temple

Can I tell you one of the best things about hiring one of us here at AK Studio as your wedding photographer? If something happens (family emergency, health issues, car crash or any other series of unfortunate events), there is a built in backup photographer to come to the rescue! And even if it isn’t an emergency or an unfortunate event, there still is the peace of mind knowing that someone else could step in, if they needed to.

I met Brooke and Boston on their wedding day, waiting for them at the entrance to the Provo City Center Temple. We smiled at each other, hugged and then got to work. These two are probably the most easy going couple I’ve worked with on a wedding day! Not meeting your photographer before the biggest day of your LIFE can be stressful. But not for these two. Happy and smiling, with full confidence that their day would be wonderful (spoiler alert – IT WAS).

Can we talk about hot is has been this summer? And the Provo City Center Temple has you exit out the south doors – straight from the wonderful, peaceful air conditioned beauty and into the bright, hot, screaming crowd of family and friends. It’s not the seventh circle of hell. But I’ll bet Boston was thinking it was some sort of awful by the end of their family and couple portraits an hour and a half later. I’ll tell you what though, these two never showed any signs of discomfort or crabbiness. But we all were very happy when I sent them on to their luncheon. Haha.

Their reception was held in Boston’s backyard in Heber. With a tent and wooden tables, lights winking at you from almost every angle and a cozy feel that’s sometimes hard to capture in the open – it was the perfect ending to their hot and busy day. The mountain air up there was like a magic spell. It was very relaxed and everyone was happy and comfortable. (And if they weren’t, they all did a great job at hiding it.) Brooke and Boston said goodbye to their loved ones with candles winking and ran blissfully into the beginning of their eternity.

Man, I’m fancy, aren’t I?


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