Brooke + Kids | Utah Mommy and Me Photographer

Brooke is one of my most favorite people in the world! When I think that it’s only been 4 years since we met, I’m surprised because it feels like we’ve been friends so much longer than that. When we first met, she was still pregnant with her youngest daughter. I have loved being there to see her family grow since then!

She is one of the best moms in this world! And has the best style! I’m always asking her where she gets her cute clothes. Like her darling top from Piper & Scoot. The bright colors that her kids were dressed in just reminded me of a bright summer day! I loved the turquoise and blue pinstripes with the little pops of floral and checkered prints. It all stood out beautifully against the white studio backdrop. And they all have the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen!

There was so much beautiful light in the studio the day of their mommy and me session. I just love shooting in the studio because even on just an average day it still looks so pretty in there! Everyone was in such a great mood and smiling and happy to be there. Kendyl kept us laughing the whole time with her fun and silly personality. She is quite a little firecracker. She has boundless energy but is also one of the most thoughtful, sweet, and loving little girls you’ll ever meet. She adores her big sister, who also is quite witty and quite the soccer player! She plays on a competition soccer team and is the kind of first child that every mom dreams of! Her whole family loves her like crazy! And how lucky is Kael to have not one, but TWO big sisters to take care of him. He’s the caboose of the family and is ALL boy. I think every mom should be blessed with a baby boy as their caboose because it really is just the best! You can tell how each of them love their mom so much. She is always doing so many wonderful things for them. I know that her children mean the world to her!

What a blessing for Brooke to be surrounded by so much love! Being a mom is like nothing else in this world! And I just love that I can capture these little moments for moms at these mommy and me sessions.


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