Carter Family | Utah Family Photography

I have a lot of uncle Ricco moments in my life. I won’t lie, sometimes I feel like the 30 something year old wearing a letterman’s jacket when I relay my stories about the glory days. Lucky for you I won’t spend more than a few sentences talking about how I used to play volleyball for Beaver High School and we used to have an amazing assistant coach that showed me at a young age that maybe being in your late twenties didn’t mean you had to be “washed up.” That coach was Mandy, and she did not spare anyone’s knees in diving drills, or faces in hitting drills…you get the picture.

I feel like I got to witness the whole Mandy and Luke saga that became the powerhouse family you will see below. I’m so grateful that I got to rub shoulders with both of these amazing people in the early stages of my life and even more so I am thankful that I get to hang out with them every so often again just like the good ole days.

The carter family is stocked with a handful of gorgeous girls with the personalities to match two incredible parents. I’ve hinted at this theme in prior posts but I love being able to witness families that are confident in their relationships with one another. I love watching parents that love their children even on picture day. I know a lot of people don’t want the attention of being paraded about on the internet but I love being able to show that real families with values and authentic love for one another exist and thrive in a world full of chaos and catastrophe.

I’m so grateful for the time I got to spend with the Carter family. I hope these images accurate portray just how amazing they are. Enjoy the Carter Family.

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