Chelsi + Craig | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

There is something that you should know about me. I love Disney. Disney movies. Disney characters. Disneyland. If it involves Disney, I probably love it. So when I found out about this amazing house that has been built as an exact replica of Carl & Ellie Fredrickson’s house from the Disney/Pixar movie UP, I knew that I NEEDED to plan a styled shoot there! So that’s just what I did. An UP House Engagement Session with one of my previous Disney-loving brides and her husband (who are just about to celebrate their one year anniversary, so I couldn’t have planned it at a better time!) And let me tell you, it was pretty awesome. Pretty super awesome! Why grape soda, you may ask? Well, if you don’t know the movie there’s this great grape soda pin that Ellie gives to Carl when they meet as kids. This was a small nod to that. “You and me? We’re in a club now.” Adventure is out there!

Venue: The Real UP House


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