Cheney Family | Milford Utah Family Photography

I’ve always been inclined to follow the lives of successful and noble women. I find motivation in their drive and desire in their success. Lindsay is one of those women. Professionally she is a compassionate caregiver to friends and strangers alike, as a doctor in a rural community that holds a very special spot in my heart. If you’ve roamed the dirt roads and spent time within the history rich town you’ve undoubtedly been introduced to the positive reputation of the Cheney Family.

Milford, a railroad town, is a hub for railroaders. Mark shares in Milford’s rich history by working on the railroad that built it. Combing the schedules of a doctor and railway worker are quite complex, making the time the Cheney Family spends all together every important and treasured. While both Lindsay and Mark share successful careers it is apparent that their most valued accomplishments are their children.

The Cheney kids are also some of my very favorites. They have spunk, jokes, and the ability to make happy moments even more joyous. I love the confidence that radiates from each one of them. To embrace their playful nature it was sensible to choose a location that allowed for all the games their hearts could hope to play.

A summer storm parted from the Beaver Mountains just in time for us to enjoy a beautiful evening dodging a few cows and deer. I must admit that if you say “take me to the mountains,” I will most definitely oblige. I especially love the mountains that I grew up in and it always makes my heart feel so content when I am able to be surrounded by an environment that has always provided so much peace and clarity. The Beautiful landscape joined with a beautiful family made an amazing experience I will surely treasure.

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