Cheyney Family | Utah Fall Family Photography

It’s not a secret that I love the Cheney Family but in case there was even the slightest doubt let me boast for a moment. I am a military wife. I am more often than not parenting alone. Most the time I have life somewhat under control (I’m probably using this phrase really loosely) and I consider myself wildly independent. Everyone needs help once in a while but I feel like for the most part I can fix my garbage disposal without begging my neighbors (knock on wood).

Mark works on the Railroad, and I recently learned that his job is not at all what I had imagined. First of all I don’t think he wears pinstriped overalls which is kind of disappointing but I didn’t ask him directly so maybe he does. Second, he doesn’t ever know his schedule which is something that I can sympathize with Lindsay on some level except for one small fact….. I’m not an on call doctor- with a baby. We should all be giving Lindsay a slow clap right about now for her model experience in being a woman who can do hard things. It takes a out of the ordinary individual to be able to care for others especially when doing so causes such a great amount of stress.
And if Lindsay’s resume so far that doesn’t impress you, she just opened a clothing shop with a group of her friends. They carry the cutest clothes with lightning fast and free shipping (which for this Amazon Prime gal, is a huge gold store).
Of course we can’t forget about Mark. He is the kind of dad that is present when he is present and not to mention an extremely hard and skilled worker. As if you couldn’t determine on your own, I have such a great respect and admiration for the Cheney family and the way in which they raise their children to be kind, responsible, and ridiculously hilarious. Enjoy the Cheney Family!

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