Ciara + Zander | Salt Lake Temple Wedding Day

Ciara and Zander. Oh my goodness, I had SO much fun photographing their wedding! Talk about a party atmosphere all day long! We had a great time at the temple, with so much time to get pictures all around the very hot and very busy grounds. Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve been on the temple grounds when it is so busy. That’s what you get with a July wedding in Utah. But it was great. They had such a good attitude all day long. Nothing was going to bring them down. So Kaylor (the videographer) and I were in heaven. There’s a plus to not doing a luncheon after your ceremony… less stress to get somewhere right after the temple.
Party Time
So let’s talk about the reception. Hosted in Ciara’s aunt’s backyard in Bluffdale. It was what every backyard reception hopes to be. With soft serve ice cream, horses to pet, the groom serenading his bride Michael Buble style, dancing, dancing and more dancing. (Although I would secretly hoping the groomsmen were going to jump into the pool at the end of the night!) Followed by a sparkler send off for the happy couple. Off on the beginning of their life together. I just love them!!


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