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Courtney and Trenten are two of my favorite people. I have known Courtney for what feels like forever, and from the moment Courtney told me about Trenten and his love for Lagoon and Disneyland, I knew that we were pretty much meant to be best friends. Being part of their wedding has been absolutely wonderful!

I thought it would be fun to hear more about how these two lovebirds met, so here is more of their story from Courtney.

“We met at Lake Powell (my favorite place ever) actually on a singles trip. Trenten barely even talked to me the entire time. He said I was too intimidating haha. He asked me out later that week and we went on a first date, and it was by far the best date I had ever been on. The problem was that we were also both seeing other people too. We ended up calling it quits, and actually did that a few times. He had a hard time committing. But I finally convinced him and he’s told me he’s loved me from very early on. He is so good at making me feel good about myself. And he always can make me laugh. He makes up hysterical song lyrics and just sings random things to me. We love going to the gym together, and he teaches me how to use weight machines and I teach him how to not suck at cardio. We also love being outside. We’re both really competitive and help bringing out the best results in each other. We also love jamming to 80’s music. We started planning our wedding before the engagement (much to his dismay) because of my long term schedule for work. I was getting so frustrated thinking he’d never propose. He actually let me go back home to Cedar City without him, which I didn’t love, just so he could sneak down there and surprise me with all of my family in the know. He planned a beautiful proposal at sunset, with roses lining a path and our songs playing in the background. It was so incredible!! ”

Now that you have fallen in love with their story, go fall in love with their engagement session…

and once you are done with those, you can check out their bridal session here!

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