Cozzens Family | Utah Mountain Photography

I grew up in a really small town and went to a comparably small high school. I didn’t realize how peculiar it was to know almost everyone’s names you went to school with until I graduated and went to a not so small University. I love the sense of community that comes from being from a small town. Sure small towns have their quirks, like no stop lights and one grocery store but for a kid growing up swinging on tire swings in the trees in the back yard and swimming in the creek it was paradise.

Growing up in a community that embraced what it means to be a community has enabled me to foster connections that would have otherwise been non existent. I love being from somewhere where everyone knows everyone. Jenessa went to school with my younger siblings and I was lucky to be able to go to school with a few of her older brothers. She comes from an incredible family that is extremely supportive and loving.

To see Jenessa as a mother was not a surprise to me in the slightest. I love the ways these two parents showed absolute adoration for the sweetest little boy on the planet. Draeden was a true champ even in near freezing temperatures early in the morning. His big eyes and darling grin were the perfect way to start my morning. I kept emphasizing how impressed I was with all of them. Sometimes I feel like people probably think that I say those things to everyone but in truth I’m pretty genuine with my compliments. I feel like everyone has something you unique to compliment if we look hard enough, which luckily for me is never really hidden to make seeing difficult.
I hope you feel the same cheerful and loving feeling I did while taking this photos as you look at them. World meet the Cozzens Family!

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