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I have a small confession to make but if you know me well it really isn’t a confession at all. I’m not really a “go out and meet the neighbors,” kind of gal. In fact, I like curtains and locks and sweatpants which is anti-social for I like to hide behind my curtains in my sweatpants. If I’m being completely honest though, sometimes having the curtains pulled closed all the time makes rooms and life dark. I’m grateful for this job and for the opportunity I have to put on real pants and meet amazing people whom I would never have had the chance to meet. Taylor, Zach, and their beautiful little lady, Sutton are among those I am so fortunate to have met.

It was so fun and even refreshing to see how this trio interacted with one another. I loved how patient both Taylor and Zach were as well as how invested they were in making sure Sutton felt safe and important. Sutton knows she is loved. This was apparent to me even though I was barely an acquaintance.

I don’t really enjoy the stuffy sessions where we spend the majority of the time forcing toddlers to flash forced smiles. Rather, I love gently guiding families to do things they would naturally do anyway. This approach has been wildly successful in helping everyone to feel relaxed and genuine.

It also helps to be shooting in a beautiful setting with a lot of free range to run and make magic. I love working in the Beaver Mountains. Its so fun being able to go to a place I not only think is utterly gorgeous but that also somewhat feels like home. I have so many great memories running wild in amongst these pines, and soaking in crisp fall evenings with my family here.
Enjoy Taylor, Zach, and beautiful Sutton!

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