Emilee + Spencer + Emma | Newborn Photography

There’s something so amazing about seeing the people I’ve grown so close to build their amazing families. I feel like I waited so long for this little one. I can’t imagine how Emilee must have felt. From the moment I first met Emilee I could see that because of who she is and the love she has for Spencer that she was going to be an amazing mother.

I think of Emilee as the original #akbride. She and many others so similar to her make what I do so incredibly worth it. People like Emilee, more specifically women like Emilee, helped me refine the way in which I wanted to mold my business. I wanted to spend and document people who are genuine, loving, kind, and those who had a story to tell. Emilee is all these things.

Spencer and Emilee are going to prove to be the most incredible parents. I am so grateful I was given a front row seat in being as a spectator to their incredible love story. When building a family it is so important to have a strong foundation. Emma has come to two people who could not be more perfect to rear her throughout her life.

I’m so grateful I was able to capture sweet little Emma and her parents. She is absolutely perfect!

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