Emily + Ryan | Salt Lake City Bridal Photography

Since Ryan did such a good job of sharing their story at their engagement session, I thought I would let him share a little more about how he proposed…

We went into a TJMaxx on a Tuesday night (no, I didn’t propose in TJMaxx) haha. As Emily was shopping for bathing suits, I couldn’t keep the secret. I told her that I wanted to buy her a bathing suit because she was going to need it later that week… She looked at me puzzled. So I told her that we’d be going on a trip, headed south first thing on Thursday morning without telling her where; I gave her a day to pack. On Thursday morning I had her wake up at 6:00am, when I sent her a short video clip. It’s totally corny, but I shared it here

We packed our bags and caught a flight to LAX! She knew what was about to happen, as she pointed out the ring box in pocket as soon as we got on the plane. That night, I proposed to Emily in a garden on the cliff tops at the Montage hotel in Laguna Beach. We were lucky enough to have a photographer there to capture the moment. It was a special moment followed by dinner at The Cannery on Balboa Island.

In trying to paint a picture of us, we love to have fun and laugh. We probably spend too much time teasing each other. We always stay busy and overly optimistic about how much we can get done and enjoy in any day. We spend a lot of time running, hiking, biking, or doing some sort of outdoors activities. But we both work in the city and enjoy the comforts of life. One of my favorite things about Emily is that her smile and bright eyes always light up the room.

And get ready to really get emotional…because this first look was by far one of my very favorites. When she looked at him, she said through tears, “We’re getting married.” Both Emily and Ryan have spent a long time looking for each other and I think it was a realization that a long-time dream was finally coming true and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

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