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So just wait until you read what this sweet fiance had to say about his bride. I told Ryan that he just won for fiance of the year because this is so sweet and romantic! I just loved hearing about them from his perspective.

Since you will be photographing our wedding, I want you to know how much I love Emily and how beautiful she is to me. My main focus throughout the photography is to focus on my intimate feelings for her (and I promise I’ll try not to be too emotional on our big day and for engagements). Emily’s church meets early in the morning. As she is not a morning person, Emily often sleeps in and attends a later church meeting. Emily’s sleeping habits turned out to be the biggest blessing in my life, since I first noticed her when she came to my ‘afternoon’ church as a visitor. She sat in the back as I passed her the sacrament. I wish I could say that our eyes connected and we eternally fell in love. Instead, I made a mental note that I had just seen a girl that is way out of my league! Did I jump up after sacrament to talk to her? Well no, in fact, we didn’t meet for weeks… Until we happened upon each other’s Tinder profile, and both swiped right! What a miracle! We both justify having met online since my sister married her husband from Tinder, and Emily has had many friends recommend it. Our first date was to Market Street Grill for dessert. I dropped Emily off that night on her doorstep and couldn’t wait to see her again. She tells me that after I dropped her off that night, she let out a little squeal of excitement too. Emily and I have since learned so much about each other. We have grown to know of each others emotional needs, and did so by treating each other with respect, patience, honesty, and a lot of effort from both of us!

Don’t you just love him? I just fell in love with both of them. They are truly the most wonderful couple ever! Can’t wait to show off this session!


















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