Gabi + Brady | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

Gabi and Brady met in February of 2014 at the Chinese Gourmet. Now, Gabi HATES Chinese food and she hates buffets, but for some reason – fate, destiny – she wanted to eat there that night and she dragged her roommates, Kirsten and Chanelle along. Chanelle and Brady are best friends from their Utah State days, and she convinced him to come along too, though he wasn’t excited about it. That’s when they first met.  For a long time, Gabi says she had zero interest in Brady, and as he’ll put it, she gave him the cold shoulder. Because he was good friends with her roommate, he came around a lot, and we became friends and eventually began hanging out together. We were running buddies, Parade of Homes buddies, and food buddies, but it wasn’t until last summer when Brady started dating someone else that Gabi realized she didn’t want to be buddies anymore! Luckily, that relationship fizzled out, and on an impromptu trip to Wyoming for a half marathon, he kissed her, and they have been together ever since! Brady proposed with a scavenger hunt in which he sent Gabi to different spots (Chinese Gourmet, Neff’s Canyon and the Draper Temple), all locations they would go on motorcycle rides and it ended at the top of Ensign Peak, where he proposed. So what better spot for their engagement session to take place, than one of scavenger hunt spots that would mean so much to them? The weather and light were absolutely perfect for their session, and luckily they were comfortable with me right away… maybe too comfortable.

Hair & Makeup: H2Blow


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