Griffiths Family | Beaver County Family Photography

If you’ve followed my work for some time, you’ll know that the Griffiths Family are not strangers around here. I am luckily enough that I got to watch my little brother find the woman of his dreams, marry into an amazing family, and ultimately become a dad!
That tall guy amid this gorgeous slew of people is that “little,” brother of mine. The boy I will always remember as the toddler that scared the delivery man when he answered the door naked, and the little boy that let me run over him in my power-wheels, and the man that embraces my kids, trades insults (all in good spirits) with husband, and loses quite frequently at card gard games.
Meet the Griffiths family, the very heart and soul of my “other,” hometown of Beaver, Utah. They are genuinely kind, loving, and a complete joy to be around. Shaun and Angie are so kind, and even though they tell me they don’t love pictures, I might have to argue that deep down they might not “hate them so much.” I love families who value the documentation of their family through imagery. The Griffiths children (and their spouses) are a great example of the loving example set by Shaun and Angie.
This session took place in one of my very favorite locations known for wild teenage adventures (like jumping bikes into the shallow nearby pond) and candid bonfires with tin foil dinners. Some of my favorite people in one of my favorite places? As I’ve said before…I just can’t screw something so great up!

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