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I was so excited to see Heather and her little ones. We shot at the amazing Travis J Studio and everyone looked so great here! I love their neutral outfits against the fun green wall and the gorgeous bed. The kids were super darling too.

At first Miss Annabelle wasn’t having pictures so much but then she warmed up and completely stole the show. Her little curly pigtails kill me! Isn’t she just the cutest thing you have ever seen? I’m in love with her little jumper too.

And I have to say that I was quite smitten with Mr. Jonah. He was such a cute little baby. His sister LOVED trying to kiss him and get a cute shot. I am also totally in love with his name, that just stole first place on the list of baby names that I love. I am so excited to be showing these off and again, these mommy & me session are quickly becoming my favorites.

Of course Heather looked AMAZING. She rocked those distressed jeans and bell sleeved top. She looks way too good to have two kids! I’m so happy she decided to book a mommy & me session because I know she will treasure these images for years to come. We loved having you Heather!

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