James Family | Utah Saltair Family Photography

Sometimes in life you meet individuals who emulate authenticity. These individuals tend to to silently will others to do the same…to belong solely to themselves and dare to stand face to face with a world that constantly strives to generalize and allocate a group identity in lieu of glorifying the individual experience. Not only is Jodi wildly authentic but she is completely accepting, keen to kindness, and obviously radiant. I’ve always looked at Jodi as someone special. I’ve had the opportunity to watch her figure herself out, all while encouraging others to do the same.

This breathtaking family, commonly known as the James Gang, is a force for good. One of my very favorite things about them is their tendency to forge bonds with others. Every year they plant a whole field of pumpkins and invite their small (but incredibly close) community to come and enjoy each other’s company all while sharing in their harvest.

I was so excited that Jodi won one of our mini-session giveaways. I knew they would all show up incredibly dressed. We chose to shoot at Saltair and their timeless wardrobe couldn’t have been more complimentary to the beautiful scenery. I hope you enjoy the James Gang and get a glimpse of just how amazing this family really is.


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