Jeni + Gavin | Arizona Engagement Photography

This Sedona engagement session – oh my goodness, just prepare yourselves because Jeni and Gavin are basically the world’s cutest couple.

We drove up to Sedona from Phoenix and while we drove, we talked. I learned all about them; how they’ve known each other since middle school. Jeni, being a typical young teenage girl, declared that she needed to marry him. It didn’t happen right away… what teenage love does? But they did become very good friends. Spending time on the phone through out high school and hanging out in groups of friends. And then came college.

They both went to the University of Utah and finally the timing worked out to where they both were single at the same time. They decided to give it a go and while the first official date might have been a bit awkward but it was the start of everything they had every hoped for together. After college, Jeni was accepted to ASU for a masters program – which has since turned into a doctorate program… she’s a genius – and Gavin happily backed his bags to be with her, wherever she went. A cute little house in Phoenix and they began building a life together.

Gavin proposed the day before Jeni was leaving for a month long trip to India. I’m so glad he did because she had a crazy adventure! Turns out she never made it to India and had her wallet and passport stolen at the airport in Abu Dhabi. She stayed in the airport for 72 hours, similar to that Tom Hanks movie Terminal, crazy!

So for the proposal, they went to Sedona for the day. He got down on one knee at the Chapel of the Holy Cross. It seemed fitting that we returned there for their engagement session. The red rocks are incredible and the forecasted (I guess that’s not a real word, oh well!) downpour of rain held off for the morning. I can’t wait for the wedding in September! Jeni and Gavin, you guys are the best!


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