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It had been raining for a couple days straight before this shoot. My weather app predicted 18% chance of rain and a high of 59 degrees. I just kept hoping and praying that it was right! The day of Jordan and Jay’s shoot came around and the sun was shining with no sign of rain. *insert happy dance*

Jordan and Jay look like a dream to superhero couple, wouldn’t you say? I think it’s because Jay has the hair of Captain America and the beard of Oliver Queen. Jordan has a Brittany Snow vibe going on. They are both from Texas so we wanted to bring a little bit of home to their session. We decided on cowboy boots, dirt pathways, wood fences, and gorgeous trees – and it turned out better than I could have imagined!

These two have the sweetest love story, I was so happy to meet them! Hear all about it told by Jordan herself 🙂

Our Love Story:

We both knew from the first date that something was different with us as opposed to other people we had dated or gone on dates with. With Jay everything was different and special. Jay knew from the beginning that I could be someone he married and I knew not too long after the same thing, however we both kept that to ourselves. Jay and I become best friends first and I think that made all the difference. He’s my best friend and there’s no one else I want to spend the rest of eternity with. I love how Jay and I can talk about anything and everything.

The Proposal:

He proposed on February 11th 2017 in Salt Lake City at the park by the Capitol building. We had gone to lunch with friends and went to the park to walk around and take pictures with a new camera I had gotten with our friends. During one picture Jay and I were about to take, he got my attention to look away and when I had turned back around, he was on one knee. I was completely shocked as I had no idea he even had the ring!

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