Kaitlyn & Brett | Salt Lake City Utah Bridal Photography

Winter formals are stunning. Cold, but stunning. Take a beautiful bride like Kaitlyn in a gorgeous white dress, and surround her with beautiful white snow and that’s when the magic happens. When Kaitlyn told me she would have a white cape to go with her dress, I was excited! You can’t brave the cold in just a wedding dress. Trust me, wedding dresses aren’t warm articles of clothing. And you might as well do it fashionably right? They were such troopers too! Their mean photographer made them hike a mountain. I mean it was a hill..but it definitely seemed like a mountain. But they were all smiles about it! Brett’s shoes were basically skis with absolutely no tread, where Kaitlyn probably had the best shoes of all of us – she wore big snow boots! So smart! But MAN was that hike worth it. Just look how beautiful it is up there. I could have taken pictures of them all day, and probably would have if Kaitlyn’s hands weren’t icicles and the sun was quickly leaving us. They were just so fun and adorable and I was having too much fun.


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