Kate + Sam | Salt Lake City Utah Wedding Photography

My one and only 2016 Alta Lodge wedding. Do you remember me talking about Alta Lodge and how much I love shooting weddings there? If you do remember, that’s great. If you don’t remember, just let me tell you – I love shooting weddings there!

Wedding days are so full of emotion. From the bride and her “bride tribe” getting ready together – hair, makeup, champagne and laughter – to the First Look full of nerves and anxious excitement before and overwhelming love in the moment. Then of course there is the actual ceremony, which means more love and pure joy.  And then! Celebration. All. Night. Long.

And so, on to the highlights. This wedding was too beautiful. Fantastic vendors pulling together for the most perfect display of what a wedding can and should be. And it always helps when the bride and groom have been taking dancing lessons! Twirling and dipping and wowing the crowd as the new Mr. and Mrs.

Kate and Sam, you are fabulous. And I heart you mucho!


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