Katrina + Connor | Salt Lake Urban Engagement

Katrina + Connor are just the cutest. Here is their love story in Katrina’s words…

“Connor and I met at BYU. We had two finance classes together and a religion class (eternal families, ironic right?) With spending almost all of our Tuesdays and Thursdays together for an entire semester we were bound to meet. He claims that one day in class he was falling asleep and staring at the back of my head. When he finally perked up he said he turned to his friend and asked him if he knew me. He was determined to ask me out. He started sitting closer and closer to me and we started talking before and after class. After I turned him down a few times (whoops) I finally agreed to go out and we went on two dates in one weekend. After those first two dates we spent everyday together. I could probably count on one hand how many days we spent apart after those first dates in late October. We are both very certain people who don’t like to waste our time, so it was obvious we liked each other or else we wouldn’t have gotten past the first week together. Our first kiss was sitting on the back of his car looking at super moon (November 14). A month later (December 11) we finally agreed that we were officially dating. He was incredibly charming and treated me better than anyone ever had. And that has always been Connor’s promise to me, that he would treat me better than anyone ever would. He took me on exciting dates to Park City and around Provo. We took our first trip together with my family in February to California. Despite the constant teasing from my family they were big fans of Connor. I got better acquainted with his family and became fast friends with his siblings and parents (especially his mom, she’s incredible!) February 14th he told me he loved me at our favorite spot in Park City. The most impressive part of our love story is that Connor stuck with me through thick and thin. Winter semester was particularly hard for me. I was stretched too thin between work and a challenging academic schedule. I was applying for jobs and internships and getting rejected. Connor saw me at my worst and I didn’t expect him to like what he saw. But, he supported me and sacrificed his own time even when I wasn’t willing to do the same for him. Of all his incredible characteristics his patience is the most endearing. His work ethic transcends just school and work; he works hard to maintain our relationship and make me happy. He’s incredible and I couldn’t love him more.

By the end of the semester we started considering marriage more seriously. We were both committed and knew we would both work hard our entire lives to make each other happy. Both of us confirmed spiritually that we were ready to take this step. Connor considerately waited for my brother’s wedding to wrap up and proposed on June 3rd at Victory Ranch (a country club by Jordanelle reservoir). We were on a walk and the path suddenly had rose pedals sprinkled on it. I couldn’t believe it especially because he was leaving early the next morning to start an internship in California. At the end of the path was a beautiful bouquet of flowers on a wooden bench. He got down on one knee and asked the million dollar question. I of course couldn’t hold back tears. Our families surprised us minutes after and we all sat and had a beautiful dinner. It was the most perfect night of my entire life.

Connor and I love to plan fun activities – movies, baseball games, trips to Park City. We are both extremely practical and analytical (almost to a fault) but we love having fun with each other. We even enjoy studying together because we are both academically focused. We love having intelligent conversations with one another and discussing the hard questions in life. Honestly we just love being with one another even if we just spend the entire night cuddling (I can’t believe how sappy I am).”

How cute is that?! Enjoy this wonderful session!

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