Kendall + Stephen | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

Our first concern when planning Kendall and Stephen’s engagement session was location. Where do you go in the winter when your wedding is in May? Our solution – a greenhouse! It turned out simply amazing. There was so much greenery and natural light, I could have stayed there for hours. Stephen had Kendall and I laughing the whole time with his awesome dance movies and quirky personality. And Kendall.. how stunning is she? Her hair was definitely Ariel Mermaid status. If their engagements were this much fun, I absolutely cannot wait for their formals!

Kendall and Stephen were truly meant to be. A short dating time and quick engagement was just perfect for them.

Here’s a little bit about their story!

“About a year ago, his parents moved to Las Vegas and into the same ward my parents are in(my childhood homeward). My sister Courtney started cutting his mom’s hair. Back in January, while his mom was talking about him to Courtney during a hair appt, Courtney decided to ask how tall he was and how old he was. When his mom said, “6’3” my mom(who was hanging out and chatting) & sister made eye contact & said LETS SET THEM UP! haha I thought it was funny that the only thing they considered was his height. Anyways, they talked about it once and my mom was the one who made it all happen. She talked with Kathy(Stephens mom) and gave her my number to give to Stephen. The next day, Stephen sent me a text saying, “My mom gave me your number, hopefully with your permission. Apparently you’re cool, I’m cool, so our moms think we should go on a date”.

I thought it was adorable! HE then asked if he could call me the next day to set up. We talked later that day & I was super excited to meet him! Our love story has been short haha we met on our first date on Jan 11, 2 weeks later said, “I love you” & then 5 days later talked about getting married. I NEVER would have thought things could go this fast, but when you know! We have so much fun together. He makes me feel like I can be my goofy self and I love how CHEESY he can me, Sometimes he says things to me & I think…”What movie did you get that from?!” Its adorable.”


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