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I loved meeting Kirsten for the first time at her mommy & me session. Can you believe she just had her third baby?! She looked amazing!

Her two fun boys, Roman and Leo wasted no time introducing me to their new baby sister, Millie, who was almost two weeks old. I was so excited to have a newborn in the studio because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a squishy little newborn? I know I sure do! Gives me that baby hungry fix 😉

Roman is completely in love with his sister and loved to sit by her and give her little kisses as he talk to her. Leo, on the other hand…you could tell he was still getting used to having her around. But he was so soft and sweet by her, which says so much coming from a rough and tumble toddler boy.

I remember full well the transition from two to three. It can be rough at times, but I can tell you that Kirsten has got this whole three kids thing totally under control. Her hands might be full but I’m sure her heart is overflowing.

These mommy & me sessions have filled my own soul in a way I never really expected. I’m so very grateful for the example of wonderful women who love their families and give their all for their children. I love meeting you, getting to know you, and spending time with you. You are so inspiring to me! I feel so blessed to be able to capture even just one image that gives a glimpse into your crazy, beautiful life, that you can treasure and share with your children for years to come. I know these images mean a lot to me but I’m sure they are priceless to you 🙂

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