Krysta + Wes | Salt Lake City Engagement Session

The very first time Krysta can recall thinking “I need to be with this good-looking guy” was at her 13th birthday party.  She spent the whole night trying to get a first kiss from the boy who was so shy he spent most of the night in a different room from everyone else.  Once they made the switch to junior high, they decided to make it official considering that he walked her to a few of my classes each day and she wrote him notes folded into origami t-shirts and hearts. (Does anyone else remember doing that or is it just me??)

They dated all through high school and even got voted “Most Likely To End Up Happily Ever After” in their school yearbook!  Reality hit hard when they each decided to continue their educations at two different colleges after graduation. Wesley went 2 years at a junior college in Colorado on a baseball scholarship and transferred to Missouri, while Krysta went to the University of Wyoming on a cheer and band scholarship.  They had no idea how hard distance would be.  (Krysta tells me she doesn’t have much to say about that period of time, except it was a trying time in her life, they were in and out of a relationship, they sometimes went many months without talking, and she never wants to say goodbye to someone she loves because of distance ever again.)

As fate would have it, Wesley transferred to the University of Wyoming to finish school because of an injury.  They still weren’t communicating at this time, but that changed pretty quickly when Krysta stopped at an intersection and almost hit him on his bike! Shortly after that, they settled their differences and Wesley proposed to Krysta in August 2014 at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. They will be celebrating 10 years together on May 21st, 2015 and getting married August 15th, 2015 in Wyoming. Chalk it all up to that sweet junior high love!

Wait! Before we go any further, can we just stop for a second to talk about how AMAZING the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point?! I had never been before their engagement session and now I hope that I can shoot their every year! It is SOOOO beautiful and what a great way to welcome in Spring! Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival ROCKS MY WORLD! Alright, here we go!


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