Landon Family | Big Cottonwood Family Photography

In a world full of coincidences I sometimes wonder whether certain interactions, events, or otherwise mundane events are more than chance. Relationships for example I believe are always curated for our benefit or learning. Take two young moms with a yearning to be able to provide for their families all while still being present in their children’s lives. I’m so grateful to say that my path crossed with Lily’s in a preschool/daycare. I hold dear our days of chats between tantrums, and discussions over carrot sticks. Life took us in separate paths for nearly six years but by fate we ended up living only miles from one another. I am so fortunate to be able to say I was able to work with Lily yet again. There’s something extraordinary about Lily. I’m confident in my boldness when I say that I don’t think it’s possible to be in the same room with her and not feel a calming sense of joy.

When you take someone as incredible as Lily and add an equally sweet family to the mix not even a mountain rain storm can hinder the beauty to be captured. After a long hiatus from the Mountains that hold a special reverence in my heart, it felt so nice to be able to be in my favorite work space- and as cliche and cheesy as I know it sounds- it was incredible to breathe in the crisp mountain air. I could almost feel Fall (my absolute favorite season of the year).
These images, I believe encompass what the Landon Family is compromised of; a whole lot of love, silly attics and a genuine adoration for each member. To get you in the mood to witness this special bond I am in love with what Lily said about her children. I” love my kids. My world revolves around them right now, and I am quite ok with that!” Just like Lily I’m completely ok with her love for her children and Joel too.

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